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*Adult* Boxes

~BlushBox: $49.99 – $99.99/quarter. BlushBox sends a beautifully curated box each quarter filled with items that allow you to explore your sultry side in new and exciting ways – whether its sexy lingerie, luxurious bath and body treats, or fun and flirty accessories. BlushBox is filled with the best quality and most stylish finds for an experience that is sure to delight and surprise.  (You can read my BlushBox reviews here).

~Boink Box: $25 – $50/month or $85/quarter.  Boink Box is a good way to keep things fresh, new and fun.  Inside each Boink Box, you will find a surprise set of toys and things to enjoy.  Their mission is to help people have a happier, healthier, sexier, and more inspiring love life.  (You can read my Boink Box reviews here).  Boink Box is no longer in business.

~Déjàmor: $41.95/month.  Déjàmor aims to create exciting and romantic experiences for you and your partner, which are delivered to you in a box on a monthly basis. Boxes contain a sensual adventure guide and goodies to enhance the experience. Always sexy and never sleazy, they’ll surprise and delight you every month.

~The Fantasy Box:  $34 – $59 – $159/month.  The Fantasy Box is a subscription service for comprehensive fantasies designed to bring a little “kick” into your intimate relationship. You’ll receive a monthly (or every other month if you choose) box that includes step-by-step instructions and goodies to create a little escape from your regular life.  (You can read my The Fantasy Box reviews here).  

~FrisqueBox: $25-$50/bi-monthly.  FrisqueBox empowers women, couples and men with awareness, information and experience in all areas of sensuality.  You can opt for the Frisque-Lite ($25) (samples of lubes, condoms, oils and other sexy little surprises) or Frisque Platinum Box ($50) (also includes toys and more advanced products) to be delivered to your door every other month.  (You can read my FrisqueBox reviews here).

~Little Secrets 365: $35/month. Little Secrets 365 is a monthly subscription service for couples who are looking to add a little mystery and excitement into the bedroom with adult toys. Packages are custom curated and shipped discreetly to your door.  Little Secrets 365 is no longer offers a subscription service and is instead focusing on non-subscription adult mystery boxes.

~Luvmybox: $34.95/month.  Luvmybox is the perfect way to explore your wild side with fun and flirty products sent to your door every month.  Boxes are discreetly packaged in black but contain a variety of adult oriented products to incorporate into your relationship and the bedroom. (You can read my Luvmybox reviews here).  As of 5/3/13, Luvmybox is now part of the Boink Box family.

~PashPack: $47/month.  PashPack is one couple’s passion for love and sex distilled into a carefully curated assortment of products and delivered every month.  Shipments will include an assortment of potions, lotions, oils, condoms, accessories, toys, and novelties to help you spice up their sex lives in a new way each time.

~The Pleasure Pantry: $29/month. A once a month kit full of adult novelties, toys, and lingerie from their pleasure pantry which is designed to keep your sex life exciting, new and fun! And in a fun twist, you can select a “Girl/Boy”, “Boy/Boy”, “Girl/Girl” or “Bridal Box”.

~SecretSexBox: $19.95/month.  SecretSexBox subscribers receive a private parcel of adult toys and accessories for exciting sexual experiences month after month.  With each new box of gifts, you’ll discover a new theme to explore on your own or with a partner.  As of September 2013, SecretSexBox has discontinued its service and has refunded all subscribers.

~Spicy Subscriptions: $22.95 (premium) or $34.95 (deluxe)/month.  The Spice Box contains Romantic Gifts and an assortment of Intimate Toys, Massage Oils, Sexy Lingerie, Romantic Fragrances and much more!  (You can read my Spicy Subscriptions review here). 

~Tuck-Ins Monthly: $29.99/month.  Each Tuck-Ins Monthly box is filled with a sexy outfit, a card with some inspiration and a few specially selected gifts to help keep things fresh and exciting with your partner.   Tuck-In’s Monthly has closed their doors.

~Unbound: $65/quarter. Unbound is a monthly erotic subscription box.  Each box will include a full sized featured product, generous samples, additional swag and original erotica.  (You can read my Unbound reviews here).

  • Lolly

    I maybe didn’t read far enough into the websites you linked but I couldn’t find any info about what the toys are typically made out of. The safety of toys varies depending on what they’re made from so it’s important to know…I might have to email the company directly to ask since I’m not seeing it anywhere?

  • KJ

    Have you seen this box?

  • KJ