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Friday’s Letters 33

Dear Mom, Now I know why you don’t love sewing. It’s hard work!

Dear WB Please, please, please let’s get rid of this cold or whatever it is that is making your nose SO stuffy and making you so crabby! For the sake of both of us! Please!

Dear My Neighbors (well most of them anyway), You are the best! What do people without fabulous neighbors do?  I don’t know and I never want to find out.

Dear “The Closet”, Now that even B has mentioned how messy you are I guess I need to get you cleaned up. I am not looking forward to this.

Dear Target, Even I think I have visited you a few too many times in the last week.  I need to sort through this Lilly stuff and see what I need to keep and what needs to get returned and stop all this!

Dear The Next Target Designer Collaboration, Please don’t happen again for a LONG time. Or better yet, be a designer I don’t like. I don’t think I am ready for another round of this madness anytime soon.

Dear My Computer Update, Thank you so much for making all of my passwords disappear.  No idea what any of those are. How do people remember this kind of stuff?

Dear B, You are going to miss so much fun this summer!  Like the garage sale, planting ALL those flowers and a bunch of other amazing chores that need to be done.  I know you’ll be sad to miss them, but we will carry on all by ourselves.

Dear L, I love seeing what you bring home from the Ticket Store at school.  So much fabulous random stuff in that store.  I would have loved that when I was a kid!

Dear That Mom in Baltimore, Lady, you rock.  You totally 100% rock.

Dear Chess, I have never once considered you to be an Olympic sport, but if you end up making it in the Winter Olympics, we all know I will end up watching.

Dear This Weekend, I absolutely cannot wait for you!  I’m hoping for a good mixture of chores and fun, but I will happily put those chores off till next week if it works out that way.



Thursday Thoughts 19

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~Good morning! Not too much really going on here this week. WB has been sleeping horribly (seasonal allergies?) which means I have been too. Poor guy! I mentioned it yesterday, but B may be traveling a ton coming up (we’re talking like from now till the beginning of July he may be home for a total of 2 weeks), so we’re just trying to enjoy some family time while we can.

~I am finally going to learn to use my sewing machine today. I ended up snagging a Lily + Target hammock (which the kids are obsessed with) and it came in a case made out of the same fabric as the hammock.  It’s so pretty and I can store the hammock in a garbage bag in the winter if necessary, so I decided I wanted to use the fabric from the case to make pillows.  We took the case apart at the seams to get a flat piece of fabric and my mom and I are going to run to the fabric store today and get material for the back of the pillows.  And then it’s time to get to work!  My mom actually knows how to sew, so it shouldn’t be too bad.

Lilly + Target Hammock Case

Lilly + Target Hammock Case

~I think all of the Baby Foot magic (grossness) has ended and I now have amazingly soft feet.  I am impressed.  Very impressed.  But I for sure would do it in February or March next time when it’s freezing out.  I like socks, but I dislike wearing them when I could be wearing flip-flops.

~I got a ton of subscription boxes in the mail yesterday, but I should still have a few boxes tricking in.  I know the Nina Garcia Quarterly box should be shipping soon and am REALLY hoping that the POPSUGAR CFDA box ships sooner than they originally said it would.  I am really curious to see what it is in that one!

~Easter is long over, but I finally found Peeps Milk!  The boys were thrilled and declared it amazing.  We tried the chocolate marshmallow and the regular marshmallow one.  L asked if it was made from real marshmallows.  Uhh, I’m going to guess no!  It’s super thick and is kind of like drinking a melted milkshake.  No wonder they like it.

Peeps Milk

Peeps Milk

That’s about it from here! What are you doing this weekend?  Any big plans? What book are you reading right now?


So What Wednesday 10


This week I am saying So What If….

~I think I may have jinxed the Red Wings the other night because I was SO sure they were going to win that I went out and got L t-shirt to wear during the games!
~Baby Foot might be oddest product ever and it totally grossed me out, but I’d use it again for sure.
~I am both excited and not-so-excited that B may be headed to Korea next month.
~One good thing about this Lilly + Target collaboration is that I am finally going to learn how to sew!
~I have finally realized that, no matter how big or how small the sandbox is, the kids will always take the sand OUT of the sandbox to play with it.
~I am super excited about all the sporting events happening this weekend.
~I don’t know who half the bands / artists that perform on Jimmy Fallon even are. #soold #sonotcool
~I am super nervous about shipping the Lilly mugs I am giving away. There will be so much packing material in there as a result. LOL!
~Whenever I use super glue I end up getting more on my hands than on the thing I am glueing.
~I think B and I were more excited to watch Paddington than the little boys were ;).


Friday’s Letters 4

Dear Snow, Really? It looked like a blizzard outside the other day. You know it’s nearly May right? Stop it.

Dear KEEP Collective, I cannot wait for your Summer line to launch! Just a few more weeks!

Dear L, I loved hearing about your day at work yesterday.  It’s not always quite as fun as yesterday was though ;).

Dear WB,  I was hoping you’d take a nap yesterday so I could get some stuff done.  Too bad, I feel asleep with you which meant I got nothing done.  #fail

Dear Target + Lilly, Pretty sure I am still tired from Sunday.  Happily though, all my Target.com orders have shipped!  And I have my fingers crossed people will return a few more of the items I had my eye on!

Dear Bruce Jenner, That sucks that you have people camped out in bushes trying to take picture of you inside your house.  That’s just over the line.

Dear Baby Foot, I am both excited and terrified for you to start working.

Dear L and WB, Thank you both for doing so well at the dentist / doctor this week.  It makes life so much easier!  You guys rock.

Dear My Internet, You have been horrible lately.  I don’t know what’s up, but I need to get it figured out.

Dear YouTube, According to my TimeHop, you turned 10 yesterday.  How is that even possible?


Thursday Thoughts 7

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~Good morning! L went off to work with B today for take your child to work day and I cannot wait to hear what L thinks. He’s gone to work with B before, but that was a while back so I don’t think he remembers. They have a lot of fun stuff planned and B’s going to take him somewhere fun for lunch so it should be a good day for him.

The last time L went to work with B

The last time L went to work with B

~I’ve got a few subscription boxes are on the way here still this week. I am expecting Bespoke Post, Five Four Club, Kiwi Crate, Koala Crate, Little Lace Box, MissionCute, NewBeauty TestTube, Treatsie and Wantable. And I have a bunch of other reviews to catch up on, so expect lots of posts the next few days.

~I used Baby Foot on Monday night and so far?  Nothing.  It was super easy to do.  You just open the box and put the little booties on your feet and then put a pair of socks on over them so they stay on.  I am not totally sure what’s in Baby Foot, but I know it took off my nail polish, so maybe don’t bother painting your nails before you use it.  I’ll report back again on this on Sunday.

~In Lilly for Target news I am super happy to report that all my online orders have shipped! One has actually arrived already (the espadrilles below are one of the items I bought). I had heard some people were getting backorder notices and I am so happy that I didn’t.  But if you didn’t get what you wanted, don’t worry, you still could.  Items are getting returned (so start searching) and I have heard of some stray items getting delayed in shipping so they just hot to Target in the last few days.  I think it’s mostly been housewares (mugs, umbrellas, baskets, candle holders), but you never know what you’ll find.  If there is any Lilly left at your store it could be all grouped together in one section (either in woman’s or the household / garden section in the back) or it could be spread all over the store. If you want a bag, check the bag sections, shoes?  Check the shoe section. You never know what you’ll find. Or it could be at the Returns counter.  Just ask them.  If am sure you won’t be the first (or last) person to!

Lily for Target #lillyfortarget

Lily for Target

~Just a few subscription box things.  The next FrenchBox will be shipping in May and will be $35/month (up from $24/month) going forward.  I am looking forward to seeing what they do with the next box so I will be ordering.  Also, the Summer 2015 Rachel Zoe Box of Style has now SOLD OUT! The fall box (which states it delivers on 9.1) is available for pre-order now!

That’s all for now!  Any big plans for the weekend?  Oh and have you seen any good movies lately?   I need some recommendations!

So What Wednesday! 11


This week I am saying So What If….

~I didn’t preorder the Allure boxes.
~I am already excited about the next Target designer collaboration – whoever it may be.
~I love checking out people’s Lily hauls and finds on Instagram.
~I think it’s my fault the weather is so cold here. I jinxed it when I put away all the winter stuff last weekend. It’s back out now. #imsorry
~Thanks to L, I think WB might have a better understanding of Minecraft than I do.
~I am really excited about the Mayweather – Pacquiao fight.
~I really think the Duggar’s are the most fertile family on earth. Incredible.
~I used Baby Foot last night and now am scared to look at my feet.
~The thought of having a snake on my shoulders like L did on his field trip yesterday gives me the creeps.  He’s so brave!
~I do not get this Kylie Jenner lip challenge thing.  At all. Who even thought of this?
~I get nervous every time I get an e-mail from Target.com because I think it’s going to be a cancellation for one of my Sunday orders.  Don’t you cancel that Target!
~This seems like the longest week ever.  And it’s only Wednesday.


Sunday Sentiments 9

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~Good evening! WB would like to say thank you to everyone who wished him a Happy Birthday today! He had a great day.  We had Panera for lunch (his choice) and then he had a little cake and ice-cream party later in the afternoon.  It was a good day to turn 3!

The Birthday Boy!

The Birthday Boy!

~I mentioned it earlier in the week, but we got WB a Hape All Seasons house for his birthday.  I was hoping / thinking he’d like it, but it turns out he LOVED it.  Like he loved it.  And so did L.  He helped us build it after WB went to bed last night and then arranged all the furniture for him.  It’s probably one of my favorite toys we have gotten the boys.  So fun!

L's the best for helping!

L’s the best for helping!

~Did you hit up the Target + Lily event today?  I posted about the mess I had online trying to order last night earlier today (and this BuzzFeed article sums it up nicely), but I know some people went out later in the day to check it out.  How’d it go?  Things sold out FAST around here.  Like crazy fast.  I couldn’t even believe it.  I heard of a few stores by me where fights broke out.  No joke. Fighting over floral dresses.  Ahh!!!  If you are still hoping to snag something and want to avoid ebay (who can blame you), keep checking your Target for returns.  If you purchased something and decide you don’t want it, it MUST be returned within 15 days.  Most of the displays have been taken down so whatever gets returned is going to end up all mixed in with the normal stuff, so you might get lucky!

~I don’t have much to report subscription box wise right now.  I still need to get the box list updated and have that on my To Do list this week.  The May POPSUGAR Must Have Box is sold out for new subscribers so if you don’t already have a subscription and sign up now, you’re subscription will begin with the June box. And according to a post on Facebook, FrenchBox will begin their subscription service again in May.  I can’t wait to see how they have revamped.

~Did you see that the season of Naked & Afraid starts tonight?  I love that show and cannot wait to watch it tomorrow.  It’s so far outside of my comfort zone and I am so blown away that people actually do the show (and some even do it quite well) that I cannot look away.

~That’s all from here!  I hope you are having a good Sunday night!


Friday’s Letters 17

Dear Find My Phone, You really do work. Why haven’t I used you more? Amazing.

Dear Random Real Estate Lady Who Called Me Yesterday, Uhh no, we do not want to sell our house and I don’t think any of my neighbors do either. Also, where on earth did you get my CELL phone number from?

Dear Duchess Kate, I cannot believe people are going to stand outside the hospital while you are in labor. I cannot even imagine how stressed that would make me!

Dear B, I am so glad you are home.

Dear Jimmy Fallon, Where is this Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream you supposedly have? Not in Michigan that’s for sure.

Dear Target + Lily Pulitzer, Stop teasing me with all your fabulousness and just go on sale already.

Dear Allergies, I hate you. So much.

Dear L, I love seeing the outfits you pick out for school. They totally aren’t what I would have selected for you, but that’s the point. You pick them and you love them! And I love that.

Dear Winter, You better be over. I put ALL out winter coats, hats, gloves, snow pants, etc. away yesterday and I am NOT bringing them back out anytime soon.


Thursday Thoughts 24

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~Good morning! It’s been quite a crazy subscription box week so far hasn’t it? There have been all those Limited Edition Mother’s Day boxes, including the Birchbox “Lovely Day” box which was released last night and then POPSUGAR CFDA Box craziness!  Can you believe that sold out SO quick?  My goodness.  I knew it would be quick, but it was gone in maybe an hour?  Insanity.  I’ll do a round-up of all the available Mother’s Day boxes later today, so you’ll be able to check and make sure you didn’t miss any announcements.

~So you know I love TODAY with Kathie Lee and Hoda and last week they did a best of “Bobbie’s Buzz” (I love Bobbie Thomas too).  Anyway, they talked about Baby Foot which I have on it’s way, but a few other items also caught my eye. 1) Rita Hazan Root Concealer Spray.  I had this on my mental To-Try list and totally forgot about it.  I need this in my life.  My roots are a train wreck. 2) Fun Bun.  I am not ashamed.  I kind of want a Fun Bun.  It’s like extensions in the form of a scrunchie.  Has anyone tried one of these?  Is it as cool in person as I think it is? 3. Blooms by Heinau.  I don’t really get the science happening here, but these floral arrangements don’t fade and are meant to last up to 6-months.  No seriously.  They are real flowers and are totally maintenance free.  I’m totally fascinated.

Bobbie's Buzz Finds

Bobbie’s Buzz Finds

~Did anyone else watch the season premier of Deadliest Catch the other night?  This is Season 11 and is like the 3rd season or something without Captain Phil and I still miss him ;(.  But this season looks really good.  There’s a giant storm (of course), tons of drama and it looks like Jake Anderson is having a baby.  I really want to see more of their living quarters.  Just how tiny of a space do they sleep in?

~I’ve still got a bunch of subscription boxes coming this week including bluum, BOXYCHARM, ipsy, the latest Julep Mystery box, Citrus Lane, Loot Crate, Something Snacks, BarkBox, MessyBox (I think) and a few more.

~L and I went to Target yesterday (of course we did) so he could pick out a birthday present for WB.  He’s so excited about WB’s birthday which is so cute.  He picked out such a random assortment of things (a Paw Patrol “office supplies” kit, a light up ball, bathtub paint and a plastic eagle), but WB will love it.  After we shipped for WB we ran into this gorgeous summer candle display.  We sniffed all the scents and both agreed that “Juicy Gossip” (the orange / coral) was the best one.  I have always been a Target fan, but these past few months they have just nailed it.  The $14.99 gold turtle, the $5.99 hot pink pineapple notebook, these $12.99 neon candles, it’s all amazing.

Target Candles

Target Candles

~Gwyneth’s SNAP Challenge has been all over the news lately so I am guessing you’ve already seen it, but I’m so curious what her meals were from this. So curious.  I can see tacos and egg dishes, but what other meals can you make here?  Did she post any of them?  Why so many limes?  I don’t think I have ever bought more than, uhh, two limes at once (for drinks mainly) and that’s even rare.

credit: Gwyneth Paltrow Instagram

credit: Gwyneth Paltrow Instagram

That’s all for now!  Any big plans for the weekend?

So What Wednesday! 20


This week I am saying So What If….

~I think the cat is going up the stairs.
~I like reading TMZ and Radar Online and all, but there’s nothing better than reading an US Weekly magazine.
~I still haven’t finished my taxes. #lastminutemuch?
~I am kind of thinking about getting cable again.
~After not wearing a watch for years and years, I have been becoming obsessed with watches lately and think I want one.
~I miss Parenthood.
~I am already annoyed with the 2016 election coverage and it’s still like 1.5 years away.
~I wish Target would stop coming out with page flags.  My planner girls will know what I mean.
~I am way too excited to get my box of Baby Foot in the mail.
~The Duggars fascinate me and have for years.  This courting thing?  Interesting to say the least.
~I sometimes try to tell what time it is just by looking outside.  This never works.
~I think L has me read to him just so he can critique my reading and make sure I am doing it right.