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Friday’s Letters 2

Dear My Boys, Have a great weekend up-north! I will miss you!!

Dear Black Friday, Once again I decided not to venture out. I did drive by Target and Best Buy on the way home from dinner last night and wow, insanity. #nothankyou

Dear The Lions, Uhh, are you guys aware that you won 3 games in a row? Are you okay???

Dear Thanksgiving, You are always a good time. The kids table enjoyed listening to the adult table discuss Khloe and Lamar. And why exactly the Kardashians are famous anyway. Good times.

Dear Tom Izzo, Congrats on Win 500! You make me proud to be a Spartan!

Dear Stuffing, You are, by far, the best part of the Thanksgiving feast. Seriously. And to my SIL, I didn’t know it had sausage in it either.

Dear The Flooring Project, I am hoping that we get you all completed today. I think it’s doable, plus, living in a construction zone stresses me out, so….

Dear B, You know what, you were right, we did need a pick-up truck.

Dear Adele, Like everyone else, I love you.

Dear Snow, Come back!!!  I will admit, I didn’t hate that it was 60 degrees yesterday, but the boys had such a good time playing in the snow and now you are gone!  Hurry back!


Friday’s Letters 6

Dear Bigby, Thank you for being so close to swimming class.

Dear L’s School, The new system for the drop-off line is incredible. It moves so.much.faster. Thank you.

Dear Command Hooks, Now that I have placed you on a million walls and pieces of furniture in my house you better come off like you do on the commercials.

Dear Michigan State, I have never wanted you to win a game more than I want you to win this weekends game. Let’s do it.

Dear L, I cannot wait to volunteer in your classroom today!

Dear WB, No, there is a not a “3” in the spelling of your name. I get that your are 3 years-old, but no, it is not part of your name. Yes, for real. Sorry.

Dear House Hunters, Thank you for reminding me once again how inexpensive Michigan is compared to other parts of the country.  Those NYC prices?  Oh my.

Dear POPSUGAR, How about some spoilers for the Holiday for Her and Holiday for Him boxes?  I know I am not the only one who wants these!

Dear Snow, Where are you?  Why are you avoiding us?  L and I are so disappointed ;(.


Friday’s Letters 12

Dear Trainwreck, You weren’t as funny as I thought you would be.

Dear My Boys, If you guys get a cat, which I admit are pretty cute, please also get a giant air filter.

Dear Teen Mom, When are you going to be back on my tv? Please say soon. Please.

Dear Telemarketers, Why do you continue to call my cell phone? Isn’t that what the Do Not Call List is for? I guess not.

Dear Hollywood Blind Items, You are absolutely fascinating. I can never totally figure out who you are referring to, but I like to guess.

Dear L, You are the absolute sweetest kid. I am so proud to be your mom.

Dear White Couches, I am quite pleased you are still white. Hopefully you stay this way for another week or two.

Dear All These New Social Media Sites, During a little presentation on internet safety at the PTO meeting I realized I didn’t even know what some of you were. I need to get caught up before my 7 year-old tries getting on these sites!

Dear Xfinity, Is there ever a time of day your store isn’t insane? Please tell me when this magical time is because I want to come them.


Friday’s Letters 12

Dear Oprah, I never tire of reading your favorite things lists. Those favorite things shows were the best thing ever.

Dear Secret Santa People, Okay, it looks like this thing is going to happen. I will work out the details in the next few days and get something posted about it Sunday or Monday!

Dear L, You’ve got my number don’t you kid?  You know I will never say no to reading books, even when I told you it’s time for bed. And oddly, the only time you want to read is when it’s bedtime.  You know the game!

Dear Michigan State, Thanks t your Bye week, my anxiety levels are down and my blood pressure is low and I am very much hoping that we can keep it this way okay?

Dear B, We miss you and can’t wait to see you today!

Dear WB, Listen I am so sorry you hate socks and that they “hurt” your feet, but there aren’t too many other options out there for Michigan winters.

Dear Baxter, You *might* be the moodiest dog ever.  But I am pretty moody too, so it makes me like you even more.

Dear The Last Few Days, Thanks for giving us one more glimpse of summer.  The kids loved it and so did I.


Friday’s Letters 3

Dear Rain, You seriously can’t stay away for one day? Is it really necessary to rain every Halloween? I think not.

Dear B, I don’t know where your new interest in Harry Potter is from, but these movies are better than some of your picks.

Dear WB, Congrats on moving up a level in swimming! You could care less, but I’m proud of you!

Dear Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. Box, I’m not sure about you yet.  I expected more I think?

Dear Leah Remini, I cannot wait to read your book. Like I cannot wait.

Dear Pumpkins, I swear we will carve you tonight. Or tomorrow. For real. I might just end up painting mine. That’s almost the same right?

Dear Baxter, Listen I don’t get why you can’t jump on the bed at night. You can jump on it perfectly fine ANY other time of the day.  But at night, when we are sleeping?  Nope.  You run around the bed and whine.

Dear 90 Day Fiance, Why can’t you be on my tv everyday?  For real.  A week is too long to go between episodes.  I must know what is happening with all this people right.now.  RIGHT NOW.

Dear Target, I am ready for this One Spot revamp.  I’m going to pretend it’s so Santa can get her stocking stuffers all picked out and purchased, but I think we all know it’s really me that wants to shop.


Friday’s Letters 1

Dear The Cubs, I am sorry ;(. I was really routing for you to pull out a miracle.

Dear WB, I am sorry for confusing you. When I said it was probably going to snow soon, I didn’t mean like in 5 minutes soon, I meant like in a month soon.

Dear Michigan State, I am hoping for another win this weekend, but I am hoping it isn’t as dramatic as last weeks. I don’t think my heart can handle that.

Dear Trunk or Treat, Why do I always leave the decorating / planning until the last minute?  Why?

Dear The School Drop Off Line, I don’t get it, but you are so much more organized this year.  I’m almost scared to mention it because I don’t want to jinx it.

Dear Target, Your Christmas stuff this year looks amazing. Like even better than normal.  I can’t wait (but I will) to start decorating.

Dear L, I think the highlight of my day is when you get home and tell me ALL about your kickball game at recess.  You cannot tell me one thing you did in school ALL day, but kickball?  Yeah, you remember you pitched, who got to kick, who cheats, everything.

Dear Black Cherry Hair Color, You are way more black than red.  Oh well, there is always next time I guess.



Friday’s Letters 5

Dear Post Season Baseball, I have to admit, you are fun to watch. So much drama in these games!

Dear Michigan State, Good luck this weekend. You’re gunna need it.

Dear WB, I am glad you are feeling better! Well, at least somewhat better. And thank you Motrin. You are the best.

Dear Halloween, Can you come sooner? Because I am loving the kid’s costumes this year and can’t wait to see them wear them.

Dear L, I am sorry that when you were looking through the Halloween costume catalog and said you wanted to be Bumblebee, I actually thought you wanted to be a bumble bee.  How was I supposed to know that’s a transformer?

Dear Plaid, I am kind of obsessed with you these days.

Dear Hair Tie Bracelet, You are genius. I can’t believe it took this long for someone to come up with you.

Dear Friday, I feel like it took forever for you to get here this week. Forever.

Dear Christmas Lights, I may think it’s too early for you but I guess not everyone does because I saw some on last night. I must admit though, they looked pretty.


Friday’s Letters 7

Dear Teen Mom 2, Well, part 2 of the reunion was a mess. Just like part 1. Can we get the full story on some of this stuff? Because I think we all know there is so much more to the Leah / Corey and Kailyn / Javi stories!

Dear The Next M2M Sale, I am oddly looking forward to you. Now that I understand how this all works I feel like I have it under control. Plus, I SO want to get rid of my old strollers, big toys, etc.

Dear L and WB, Thank you for liking school so much. I don’t know what I would do if you didn’t, but it certainly makes life easier that you are so happy about going.

Dear B and L, I am glad you boys had fun on your field trip yesterday.

Dear Xfinity, I don’t really get it, but I can record shows, however, I have no way of ever retrieving them.  Is this some fancy cable service I have to pay extra for?  Is recording shows included in my monthly payment, but watching recorded shows NOT included?  Somehow I would believe it if this was true.

Dear MSU, Thank you for having a late game on Saturday night!  Oddly enough WB isn’t too into watching entire football games with me (LOL), but when they start at his bedtime?  Perfect!

Dear POPSUGAR, I am not sure what I think of this month’s box yet, but I am certainly glad we got the full spoilers yesterday.

Dear WB, So you went to the Cider Mill and the farm and saw lots of animals, played on a cool playground, ate cider and donuts, etc, but the highlight of your trip was seeing a barn cat?  LOL!!!  You are easily impressed. #kidsarefunny


Friday’s Letters 3

Dear Homeland, OMG how did I miss that you are back on this weekend? I’ve got some refreshing to do tomorrow night.

Dear B, I will miss you this weekend. Oh how I will miss you!

Dear Mom, Thanks for watching L and WB!  I hope his sleepover at your house goes well.

Dear Back Pain, Wow. You are no joke.  Not sure what I did, but it wasn’t good.  At all.  UGH.

Dear Baseball Game Selfie Girls, LOL. I don’t know what was funnier, you guys taking twelve million selfies in your seats or the announcers commentary in it.  Either way it was quite entertaining.

Dear Going to Bed Early, You are overrated.  I tried to go to bed early for a week straight. It didn’t work. I am either going to try again for two weeks or give up on an early bedtime completely.

Dear L, I am so excited for you to go on your cool field trip next week!  And even more excited that your Daddy gets to go on it with you.

Dear M2M Volunteers, THANK YOU. Seriously. THANK YOU. I owe you all one. Or twenty.

Dear Umpqua Community College, My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Friday’s Letters 8

Dear Teen Mom, You are a train wreck. I will so miss you on my tv every week though. Until next season!

Dear The Pope, You’re everywhere. You must be exhausted.

Dear L, I was ridiculously excited for you when you came home from school yesterday telling me about how you kicked a homerun in kickball at recess.  That’s a big deal when you are in 2nd grade!  Go L!

Dear Naps, I don’t know why WB hates you and gave you up so long ago.  I am also blown away when I hear about other 3 year olds who nap.  Amazing.

Dear The Bouqs, You delivered my anniversary flowers a day late (I guess that could have been FedEx’s fault, but I am blaming you) and they looked like absolute crap when I pulled them out of the box.  A few hours in some water thought and wow, they looked amazing.  And still do a week later. Impressive.

Dear People, Why do you stand behind newscasters?  Do you just think it’s fun to be on tv?  I know you are just trying to look all casual like you happened to just stop there and they just happen to be filming, but no one’s buying it.

Dear PTO Meeting, You were almost fun last night.  Almost.

Dear B, Safe travels today! I will see you when you get home!

Dear Buddy, I know rolling in gross things is “fun”, but you gotta stop.  Or at least find less smelly things to roll in!