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Friday’s Letters 2

Dear Homeland, OMG how did I miss that you are back on this weekend? I’ve got some refreshing to do tomorrow night.

Dear B, I will miss you this weekend. Oh how I will miss you!

Dear Mom, Thanks for watching L and WB!  I hope his sleepover at your house goes well.

Dear Back Pain, Wow. You are no joke.  Not sure what I did, but it wasn’t good.  At all.  UGH.

Dear Baseball Game Selfie Girls, LOL. I don’t know what was funnier, you guys taking twelve million selfies in your seats or the announcers commentary in it.  Either way it was quite entertaining.

Dear Going to Bed Early, You are overrated.  I tried to go to bed early for a week straight. It didn’t work. I am either going to try again for two weeks or give up on an early bedtime completely.

Dear L, I am so excited for you to go on your cool field trip next week!  And even more excited that your Daddy gets to go on it with you.

Dear M2M Volunteers, THANK YOU. Seriously. THANK YOU. I owe you all one. Or twenty.

Dear Umpqua Community College, My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Friday’s Letters 8

Dear Teen Mom, You are a train wreck. I will so miss you on my tv every week though. Until next season!

Dear The Pope, You’re everywhere. You must be exhausted.

Dear L, I was ridiculously excited for you when you came home from school yesterday telling me about how you kicked a homerun in kickball at recess.  That’s a big deal when you are in 2nd grade!  Go L!

Dear Naps, I don’t know why WB hates you and gave you up so long ago.  I am also blown away when I hear about other 3 year olds who nap.  Amazing.

Dear The Bouqs, You delivered my anniversary flowers a day late (I guess that could have been FedEx’s fault, but I am blaming you) and they looked like absolute crap when I pulled them out of the box.  A few hours in some water thought and wow, they looked amazing.  And still do a week later. Impressive.

Dear People, Why do you stand behind newscasters?  Do you just think it’s fun to be on tv?  I know you are just trying to look all casual like you happened to just stop there and they just happen to be filming, but no one’s buying it.

Dear PTO Meeting, You were almost fun last night.  Almost.

Dear B, Safe travels today! I will see you when you get home!

Dear Buddy, I know rolling in gross things is “fun”, but you gotta stop.  Or at least find less smelly things to roll in!


Friday’s Letters 2

Dear Doritos, I like the message you are promoting with these rainbow colored chips, but actually consuming green and purple and blue chips? Yeah, I don’t know about that.

Dear B, Thanks for the fun date yesterday. I love you!

Dear The Presidential Debate, I am sorry, but I had to turn you off in favor of Dating Naked. All the interrupting each other way driving me crazy.

Dear National Guard, Thank you for having a no beard policy. Thank you.

Dear Subscription Boxes, The month started off slow, but is picking up quickly! I think the boxes are arriving super fast this month too!

Dear Gas Prices, You.are.amazing. I hope you never ever go up again.

Dear L, I love when you are the only kid in swimming class. You may not like it because it means you are constantly swimming, but I think it’s fabulous.

Dear Mom2Mom Lady That Keeps Calling Me, You are making me regret this. LOL.

Dear Michigan State, How about another win this weekend? Except this time we don’t make it so close?

Dear My Hair, How did you get so flipping long again? I’m this close to walking into Super Cuts and getting this mop chopped!


Friday’s Letters 17

Dear First Week of School, I couldn’t have asked for better. Thanks for not throwing us any curveballs. Well, except that bird that flew into our house the morning of the first day. That was kinda funny though.

Dear Kerri (from Dating Naked), Listen, the feelings aren’t mutual, Chris just isn’t that into you. He’s hot, I get it. But I just don’t see this ending the way you want. Sorry.

Dear L’s Teacher, Homework is only going to be sent home once a month? I cannot thank you enough!

Dear Pumpkin Spice, Who started this craze? Do we really need pumpkin spice everything? Seriously, who thought of Pumpkin Spice Water? And Pumpkin Spice Twinkies? Nope.

Dear Mom2Mom Sale, I’m still trying to figure out how I volunteered for you.  I am hoping to pass you on to some other mom who is ready to chair an event ASAP.  I promise to leave incredible notes though.

Dear B, When did we get so old that we now think 9pm is late to start a football game?

Dear Fantasy Football, I think I want to join a league next year.  I know nothing, but it seems like it’d be fun.

Dear WB, Yes, I also hope you get to go on the playground today. Because if you don’t, I am going to hear about it all.weekend.long.

Dear Buzz Feed, You’re right. I will never ever have to look up a phone number in a giant phone book again.  It’s hard to believe we use to have to do that!


Friday’s Letters 3

Dear College Football, Thank goodness you are back! I missed you!

Dear Allergies, Go away already. I’ve had enough.

Dear Thunderstorms, You are the best and one of my favorite parts about summer.

Dear Swimming Lessons, Oops, sorry we showed up at the wrong time yesterday! I swear I thought those new class times started next week.

Dear Ronald McDonald, You have better moves than I could ever dream of having. Very impressive considering how giant your shoes are.

Dear Me, Stop drinking iced coffee at 6pm. No wonder you have trouble falling asleep at night.

Dear Teen Mom, Can we get a time line in between shows? Because I have trouble figuring out the amount of time which has passed between episodes!

Dear My SIL, Okay, how about today?  Is today baby day?

Dear Demi Lovato, I like it, but if I have to listen to “Cool for the Summer” fifteen times in car everyday I am going to loose my mind,


Friday’s Letters 8

Dear L, Today is the day we find out who your teacher is! I cannot wait and I know you can’t either!

Dear Play! by Sephora, I hear that some people are getting off the waitlist and getting invites! Ahhhh! I hope it’s my turn soon!

Dear B’s Work, Thank you for the amazing event yesterday!

Dear MTV, Why did you have to pick Miley Cyrus to host the VMA’s? The commercials are bad enough and they are only 30 seconds long.

Dear Jenelle, No, Nathan hasn’t changed. Nope.

Dear That Giant Spider, I don’t know where you came from, but I was NOT happy to find your giant self in my basement.   I hope your friends realize what happened to you since you never returned and move out.  Stat.

Dear My SIL, I hope today is baby day!!!!!!

Dear Big Brother, I didn’t even know you were still on.  I seriously thought the winner had been picked weeks ago.

Dear B, I can’t believe you don’t think getting a white couch is a good idea?  What could possibly go wrong with a white couch plus our two kids? #maybeyouwereright

Dear Jimmy Fallon, I never believed the rumors before, but all your crazy recent accidents have me wondering!  I hope they aren’t true and that you really are just a total klutz.


Friday’s Letters… 4

Dear Root Beer Beer, Well aren’t you a fun new trend? I tried a new one last night and it may have even been better than Not Your Father’s!

Dear Teen Mom, You were a mess last night. And Jenelle, I hear you got arrested again yesterday. JENELLE. You must have your attorney on speed dial.

Dear L, When you talk to me about Minecraft, I feel like you are speaking a foreign language. I thought I didn’t understand when you first started telling me, but now that you know so much more about it, I am even more confused.

Dear WB, How did you like having your own little private swimming lesson yesterday? I like when the other kids don’t show up. And I think you do too. You rocked it!

Dear Kathie Lee and Hoda, I just love your show. I feel like we’re friends and I like it. I want to come to the Plaza to see you. #fangirl

Dear Me, What a great idea to have L and WB starting school at basically the same time.  Good luck trying to be in two places at one.

Dear Playboy, You called Detroit the unsexiest city?  Really?  Come on now.

Dear The First Female Army Rangers, You are amazing.  Obviously.

Dear Iced Coffee,  Why didn’t I like you before?  You are pretty much my new best friend now.


Friday’s Letters… 8

Dear Ford Credit, PLEASE do not look too closely at that red Escape I just turned it. I may have once backed into a closing garage door, but I would prefer if you didn’t notice that.

Dear WB, What happened to you yesterday? You were actually swimming in swim class! OMG! I was so proud. Keep up the good work!

Dear Kerri from Dating Naked, OMG I cannot believe you got rid of Mason. NO! He was the best! Maybe he’ll end up being the next Bachelor? #teammason

Dear MEPS Survey Lady, Not that I don’t think you are totally cool and fabulous, because I do, but I really hope this doesn’t take too long today.

Dear PTO Calendar, Well, you are looking mighty full this year aren’t you? I might as well get all these dates marked down now!

Dear Sesame Street, I can’t believe you are moving to HBO. The end of an era ;(.

Dear The Detroit Lions, Undefeated! You are off to a good start, but I suspect it won’t last.

Dear Kathie Lee, I can’t wait to see you back on the Today Show next week!  Since I watch your show every day I feel like I know you (yes, I know I sound crazy) and I was so sad when Frank passed away ;(.

Dear Baxter and Buddy, You two have been troublemakers lately! I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I hope it’s over soon!


Friday’s Letters… 1

Dear Last Night’s Debate, You were quite entertaining. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing though.

Dear Target, Thank you for having the new EOS Blackberry Nectar lip balm last night. It’s good stuff!

Dear Kids Selling Stuff Door to Door, Whatever you’ve got, I’ll buy it. Raffle tickets, popcorn, coupon books, discount cards, you name it, I’m your lady. It hard to go door-to-door selling stuff so I always say yes!

Dear L, I love your new bike! I think you made a good selection and hopefully it lasts you quite a while.

Dear WB, I am sorry, no, you will not be eating lunch at school this fall. 3 year-old preschool does not include lunch. I hope this doesn’t make you want to quit school.

Dear Kailyn, The constant fighting with Javi must drive your friends absolutely nuts. It would drive me crazy.

Dear Balloon Bonanza, I finally found you (again)! You were hiding out at Toys R Us! I forgot that B wasn’t here to see your magic last time we used you so this weekend, it’s water balloon fight time.

Dear School Supply List, You are so long. I better get on this soon before the pickings get slim!

Dear The Bigger Kids in the Neighborhood, Thanks for always (well, most always) including WB. He thinks you are all the coolest and so do I!


Friday’s Letters… 5

Dear Tonight’s Blue Moon, I hope you are as cool as everyone is saying you will be! I can’t wait to look!

Dear L, I hope you are loving every second of being up-north! I miss you!

Dear IKEA, I have assembled quite a bit of your furniture over the years, but that HELMER drawer unit was the absolute worst.  I have to admit though, it’s really cute now that it’s done.

Dear AT&T, Thank you for that random settlement check I got in the mail yesterday.  What a nice little surprise.

Dear WB’s Swim Teacher, You rock. Thank you being so patient with him!  He’s not much of a swimming, but he’s having a complete ball!

Dear The Ice-Cream Man, Yay! You came by at the perfect time last night and made my 3 year-old’s day.

Dear College Football Season, It’s almost time!  I am so ready!

Dear Not Your Father’s Root Beer, The search is over.  I think I have located enough to keep my cousin happy until it’s available up-north or until it’s much easier to find here.

Dear WB, No, I am sorry, you cannot go to Chuck E Cheese every.single.day.  I know, I am so mean for not taking you every.single.day.  I think once every two to three weeks is pretty darn good though!

Dear Odd Mom Out, I think I’m hooked on you!  I now need to get caught up on the episodes I missed!