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Friday’s Letters… 5

Dear Tonight’s Blue Moon, I hope you are as cool as everyone is saying you will be! I can’t wait to look!

Dear L, I hope you are loving every second of being up-north! I miss you!

Dear IKEA, I have assembled quite a bit of your furniture over the years, but that HELMER drawer unit was the absolute worst.  I have to admit though, it’s really cute now that it’s done.

Dear AT&T, Thank you for that random settlement check I got in the mail yesterday.  What a nice little surprise.

Dear WB’s Swim Teacher, You rock. Thank you being so patient with him!  He’s not much of a swimming, but he’s having a complete ball!

Dear The Ice-Cream Man, Yay! You came by at the perfect time last night and made my 3 year-old’s day.

Dear College Football Season, It’s almost time!  I am so ready!

Dear Not Your Father’s Root Beer, The search is over.  I think I have located enough to keep my cousin happy until it’s available up-north or until it’s much easier to find here.

Dear WB, No, I am sorry, you cannot go to Chuck E Cheese every.single.day.  I know, I am so mean for not taking you every.single.day.  I think once every two to three weeks is pretty darn good though!

Dear Odd Mom Out, I think I’m hooked on you!  I now need to get caught up on the episodes I missed!


Friday’s Letters… 10

Dear (Teen Mom) Leah, Oh Leah, I thought my car was messy. No, it’s not. At least not compared to your car. I am worried for you girl.

Dear The Best Gas Station Ever, Not only do you have a post office inside, you also had the super hard to find Not Your Father’s Root Beer. Amazing. Thank you for making my life easier. My cousin is thrilled I found it!

Dear WB, Your love for vacuuming is awesome. I need to look and see if anyone makes an actual working kids vacuum. Because that would be fun for you and for me.

Dear Baxter and Buddy, Where on earth did you two find tacos shells to eat outside last night? Did someone leave their empty taco on the sidewalk? So odd. But seriously, don’t eat that.

Dear B, While I miss you (I really do), I do love parking in the middle of the garage. Love it.

Dear Polar Bears, From the looks of what we bought at the zoo yesterday, you eat the same kind of ice cream as astronauts. Who knew?

Dear Minecraft Jen & Pat, L loves you guys and your Minecraft YouTube videos, but I do.not.get.it.  I feel like I hear you two talking in my sleep.  So much Minecraft.

Dear Ice-Cream Man, Where have you been all summer?  My kids NEED Sponge Bob popsicles.  I hear about it all the time.  Somehow the ones you can buy at 7-11 just aren’t the same.  We miss you!

Dear Michigan, I don’t know what we did to deserve all the gorgeous weather we have been getting this week, but I suspect we’ll be paying for it soon!

Dear The Bright Blue / Pink / Purple Hair Trend, I think I love you.


Friday’s Letters 3

Dear Yesterday’s Headache, Oh man, you were brutal. I thought I was done with you. I guess I thought wrong.

Dear Teen Mom Chelsea, You are making me want to dye my hair red.

Dear L, You are the best big brother.  Yeah, you like to pick on WB, but I get it, he’s your little brother and that’s your job.  But when it counts you are there for him and he worships you! #thebest

Dear Hautelook, I am not too excited about today’s Beauty Bag and may even end up skipping it. That’s probably for the best though.

Dear B, I don’t know why you did all the laundry yesterday but I totally appreciate it! Actually I think I you may have just been trying to get out of watching Teen Mom with me (which makes no sense because it’s such a good show), but I’m okay with it ;).

Dear Jimmy Fallon, I still don’t really understand how you injured your finger, but I know I never want it to happen to me because it sounds awful.

Dear The Lachey Brothers, I am so excited you are back on a reality show! And I want to road trip to your bar!

Dear Starbucks, Thanks for the free samples this week!  You were on a roll at the drive-through window passing those crackers and hummus out!

Dear WB, I get it. You want to go to Chuck E Cheese again. And to the beach.  In the Caribbean. Listen, I want to go to the beach too when I see those commercials.  I think we can swing Chuck E Cheese again soon.  But you are going to have to settle for a closer beach with not as clear water.  And without Elmo and Thomas and Bob the Builder running around on it.  Sorry.


Friday’s Letters 19

Dear Teen Mom 2, What a treat it was to find you on my tv last night! Chelsea, that new boyfriend of yours is fantastic. Total eye candy. And Jenelle, you and Nathan, you seemed somewhat calm this episode, but that won’t last. No way.

Dear Build-A-Bear, We didn’t make it to build minions yesterday, but it’s happening today. Please still have some in stock!

Dear WB, I am glad you are having a ball at swimming. I am not totally sure if you “get” you should be swimming instead of just laughing and smiling and giggling, but you are certainly have a good time and that’s all that matters.

Dear Tiny House Hunters, If you NEED a king-sized bed and “tons of cabinet space”, maybe, just maybe, a tiny house isn’t for you?

Dear Michigan, Can we get a summertime? I feel like summertime might be over already! Say it isn’t so!

Dear Nordstrom, I want early access to the Anniversary Sale, but I do not want a Nordstrom card. I guess I will need to settle for putting everything in and out of my cart a half dozen times until I can finally check out next week.

Dear Lego Camp, You are awesome! L is having so much fun and I love the creativity he’s bring home with him. So awesome!

Dear Buddy, Just because you can fit through the fence and get into the neighbors yards doesn’t mean you need to do that.

Dear B, It’s been fun having you home at night these last few weeks! It’s not going to last since you are traveling again soon, but we’ll take what we can get.

Dear Amazon, What do you have up your sleeve for Prime Day?  I don’t even want to get anything, but I want to know what’s going to be on sale!

Friday’s Letters 1

Dear Up-North, It’s good to see you!

Dear Bath & Body Works, Stop having sales! For real. I want to resist your insanely cheap 3-wick candles, but I just don’t know if I can.

Dear Fresh Air, You exhaust me. No joke without five minutes of arriving up-north I start yawning and want to take a nap. How does anyone get anything done up here?

Dear Fish, Please let us catch you today. We will throw you back in – I promise. All you have to do is snag that worm, hop on the hook and let L reel you in.

Dear Swim Class(es), Thanks for being so fabulous and making my boys love you so much!

Dear B, It’s been so fun having you home this past week! I think I may have forgotten how much easier things are when you are around.

Dear WB, I am blown away by how good you were on that long car rise yesterday.  I will likely pay for it on the way home, but you made the way up a breeze.

Dear LEGO, Please tell me that whatever you are going to make the legos out of in the future will still snap into the old plastic legos?  Please? Because I think I may cry if they all don’t work together.

Dear Chuck E. Cheese, You’d think my kids would be over you since we JUST visited you like two days ago.  But no, your commercials are on non-stop and I still here “I WANNA GO THERE” each time we see you.  No matter that we were just there.  They want to visit AGAIN.


Friday’s Letters 1

Dear This Week, You FLEW by! Seriously, I have no idea how, but you are already over! Wow.

Dear My Inbox, Will you ever be cleaned out? Do I really think I am going to answer those e-mails in there from two years ago? No. But for whatever reason, I cannot move them to a different folder. I cannot.

Dear WB, I don’t know why you have taken to calling me “Jenny”, but it does make me laugh.

Dear L, The party is over. Your cousins are leaving today. Luckily we will see them next weekend, but it’s back to real life around here.

Dear XFINITY, Did you seriously send me a letter telling me that, basically my cable is too cheap and you were going to have to tack on some charges to let me keep my “cheap” plan.  Hey listen, if you add on charges it’s not that cheap anymore.  I am tempted to call and discuss this with you, but I know the conversation will led to nothing other than a rise in my blood pressure.

Dear Weeknight Fireworks Lovers, You must not have dogs.  Because if you did and your dogs lost their minds every time someone lit off a firework at 12am on a Tuesday night, maybe you couldn’t do it?  I don’t think Baxter and Buddy have gotten a good night’s sleep in weeks.

Dear Keep Collective, I am pretty much obsessed with the latest time piece you are releasing today.  But how many watches does one girl (who used to hate watches BTW) need?

Dear Mom2Mom Sale, I guess I should get started on planning you. I’m such a sucker.

Dear Laundry, How do you accumulate so rapidly?  Probably because I only do laundry once a week, but still.  So.much.laundry.  And I will never get over what happens to all our socks.  Are the sock companies in on this?

Dear Up-North, We’ll see you next weekend!!!


Friday’s Letters 0

Dear Golf, I don’t know why, buy I always enjoy watching you!

Dear Tiger Woods, What’s going on???  I almost can’t even watch.

Dear L, Yay for finally moving up to the next level in swimming! I am so proud of you!!

Dear Reality Steve, Wow. I thought I had spoiled The Bachelorette for myself by reading your blog. And then I checked your blog again for whatever reason. And well, just go check it if you spoiled it for yourself early on.

Dear Sleeping In, I don’t know why, but WB thinks you are overrated. I, however, do not. Trust me.

Dear South Korea, Why did you stop selling Oreo O’s? WHY? Or if you are still around, where are you hiding? Not in the 27 zillion stores B went to. I’m pretty much crushed.

Dear My To-Do List, Sadly you are still pretty long. Not sure why I thought I would have “all this time” to get things done while B was gone, but clearly I didn’t.

Dear Traffic Jams, I do not miss you one bit from my old commutes to and from work.

Dear Bath & Body Works, Why can’t I avoid your Semi-Annual sales?  They aren’t as good as they used to be, but I still can’t stay away.


Friday’s Letters 7

Dear Target, I am sad you canceled my Beauty Box orders, but not too sad about those $10 gift cards you are sending me to make up for it.

Dear Advocare OTG, You are good really drinks, but I am not sure (okay I wouldn’t) buy you at full-price.

Dear Fitbit, The struggle is real trying to get 10,000 steps per day. I (just barely) missed it a few times this week and I am super annoyed with myself.

Dear L, Awesome report card! I am so proud of you!

Dear Netflix, Thank you for releasing Orange is the New Black just a little bit early yesterday. I love it.

Dear WB, I cannot believe you well you did at swimming. You jumped right into your instructors arms and listened and had a ball. And she was impressed with your skills too ;).

Dear Baxter, You’re gross. You know why and I know why and we’ll leave it at that. Also, cutting your hair is like sheering a sheep!

Dear UPS, Thank goodness for your Drop and Ship service. I was too nervous to ship the winner of the other Lilly for Target giveaway her mugs (and couldn’t find a box big enough for the bag) so I passed it along to you.  You didn’t charge me a fortune and everything arrived safe and sound.  THANK YOU!

Dear My Facebook Friends, You guys are the best.  I know I can check anytime during the day and someone has always posted something hysterical.  Never a dull moment!


Friday’s Letters 4

Dear Swim School, WB starts next week and I am worried. For you. Are you ready for this?

Dear Tropical Smoothie Cafe, OMG I am so excited you finally opened! We used to love getting your smoothies from the location by our old condo. And then you closed. But you are back and the little boys and I loved our smoothies last night!

Dear Birchbox, When are you going to have a pop-up shop or special event here in Detroit?  It has to happen eventually right?

Dear This Year’s Garage Sale, I wish you were happening this weekend, but (as usual) I am not prepared so you’ll have to wait till August.  Because July is looking pretty crazy too.  One year I will get it together early.  One year.

Dear Car Warranty Salespeople, Okay for the 1000th time, I DO NOT still own my 2008 Sebring.  I do NOT.  I haven’t had that car in, oh, say 6 years?  So no, I don’t want that extended warranty.  And next week when you call me AGAIN asking about it, I will tell you the same thing.  No and take me off your list.  But you’ll call again. You always do.

Dear SpongeBob Movie, Okay, fine, I laughed.  You were stupid, but in a so stupid you are funny way.  Just about what I expected.

Dear PTO Ladies, I never realized how much work you all did until I volunteered for an event.  You all rock!

Dear House Hunters, I will never tire of watching you and listening to people diss houses because of the color of the paint on the walls. LOL!

Dear High School Friends, I am so lucky to still be in contact with so many of you.  I hope in 20 (OMG) years we are all still as close!


Friday’s Letters 8

Dear Cable, I kind of, sort of love you. A lot.

Dear B, The more flowers I plant, the more I miss you.

Dear Me, What exactly were you thinking when you volunteered to Chair this carnival next year?  Really?

Dear My Friend Julie who just had Twins, Congratulations!  They are so beautiful and you did awesome!

Dear POPSUGAR + QVC, I just don’t know.  Do I want this box or not?  I clearly don’t “need” it, but do I want it?  We’ll see how busy I am when it launches and how quickly it sells out and I guess that will be the deciding factor.

Dear L, You are just a good kid.  A darn good kid.  I love you.

Dear 2015 Graduates, Congratulations!  I have been loving seeing your pictures and end of the year fun.

Dear Baseball Fan, Thanks for giving Detroit a chance and checking out the city!  It really is a cool cool place!

Dear Google, No, no one suspicious in South Korea tried to hack into my google account.  That was my husband trying to get into his account (I don’t get it either but whatever). But thank you for the 8 zillion warnings.

Dear William, I have now accepted that every night, by about 1am, will you end up in our bed. I get it. You don’t like to sleep alone.  But do you REALLY need to sleep so close to me?  I swear you are trying to push me on the floor.