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Friday’s Letters… 5

Dear Decor Steals, Why am I just now finding out about you? And I guess you offer mystery boxes every once in a while too? I am so in!

Dear Bed, Bath & Beyond, I hear you want to get rid of your 20% off coupons? I hope this is not true, but if it is, how about no?

Dear W, I never thought I would say this, but I miss watching Thomas the Train. Paw Patrol and your obsession with it is INSANE. I know so much about those dogs and their lives. It’s unreal.

Dear Mom2Mom Sale, Sometimes I am scared to check the inbox to see what crazy e-mails I have received now. M2M Sales are interesting to say the least…

Dear Baxter and Buddy, I love that you guys can jump on the bed at night by yourselves now! Way better than you running around the bed at night whimpering because you didn’t want to even try to jump (even though you could totally jump up there during the day on your own). Who needs a bedframe anyway?

Dear L, Umm, YES I want to watch Snow White with you tonight! You acted like I was crazy when I got the DVD, but I knew you’d come around. I cannot wait!

Dear My Computer, First the down arrow doesn’t work and now you constantly drop the internet connection. Not good. Looks like we need to go on a field trip to the Genius Bar where they will press two buttons and magically make everything better.

Dear Christmas Decorations, You are now totally, 100%, officially, down. I have no excuse for leaving that garland up so long other than that it looked pretty. Thankfully half the neighborhood still has stuff up, so I am in good company.


Friday’s Letters 9

Dear B, We are so happy to have you home. And thank you for going along with my weekend plans ;). Painting is going to be so fun!

Dear L, You did awesome at swimming last night! I know it was so different to swim the full length of the pool, but you worked so hard! Amazing job!

Dear Freelancer.com, Thank you for existing. I may not always know how to describe what I need to be done, but you always know how to do it.

Dear Chalk Paint, You are the greatest invention ever.

Dear This Cold I Have, I don’t know where you came from, but I hope you go away just as fast as you appeared.

Dear The Mailman (or Mailmen?), I have no idea why you made three separate trips to my house yesterday, but I am not complaining!

Dear Billy Joel, I will never get tired of singing along to your songs. #pianoman

Dear The Election, I feel like you should be over by now.  But you aren’t.  Not even close.

Dear Crafty Friends, Thank you for all the amazing inspiration and tips.  I love it!


Friday’s Letters 21

Dear W, Watching you swim cracks me up. I don’t know if you will ever move up to the next level, but you sure are having fun.

Dear Gap, I will never understand how you do your shipments, but getting 6 packages for one order is kind of fun.

Dear My Car, How do you get so dirty? I swear I try and keep you clean, but it’s a losing battle.

Dear Coffee, Why aren’t you as good at home as you are at Starbucks or Bigby’s?

Dear L, You are lucky that your teacher doesn’t give you homework every night. Once a week isn’t bad kid, I swear.

Dear Teen Mom, Will I ever be able to quit you? Ever?

Dear Previously TV Forums, How did I just discover you? I don’t love you quite as much as I used to love TWOP, but at least I have found some other reality TV junkies.

Dear Giant Snowstorm, Come to Michigan! Our snow is all icky and gross and we need some fresh stuff. Plus, the kids would go crazy for 2 feet of snow!

Dear B, We miss you!  See you next week!

Dear Target Soulcycle Sweatpants, You are the most comfortable sweats ever.  Ever.  I am amazed at how soft you are.  I doubt you’ll ever go on clearance, but I will find you if you do.


Friday’s Letters 2

Dear Friday, I didn’t think I’d ever see you this week. Not sure why, but this week felt extra long.

Dear The Found Cottage, Why can’t you be on my side of the state?

Dear The Local Newspaper, I don’t subscribe to you, but for some reason you have been appearing on my driveway everyday this week? I am going to need to call someone about this before I get a bill.

Dear W, For a little person you sure do take up a lot of the bed. And you’d think you’d be tired from kicking all night long? But you aren’t. Ever.

Dear L, Sometimes (okay most of the time) when we talk about Minecraft I have no idea what we are talking about.  None. But I do like listening to you talk about it because you are SO into it.

Dear Paw Patrol, Can you please come out with some new DVD’s?  Or some new episodes on On Demand?  Or something?  Because, while you guys are cute and do good things, I am sick of seeing the SAME stories on my tv.

Dear The Powerball, I can’t believe you let me down like that!  I didn’t even win $2.

Dear Spark, Yeah, drinking you at 7pm is a BAD idea.  A BAD IDEA. I should know better by now. #upallnight

Dear My Neighbors, I say it all the time, but you.are.the.best.  Seriously.  All of you!  I couldn’t ask for a better squad!



Friday’s Letters 4

Dear Target, Why can’t you bring your free SoulCycle classes to Detroit?

Dear Snow, I hear there is a chance you may visit us this weekend. PLEASE DO. I will go out and stock up on bread, eggs and milk so we’ll ready.

Dear Mom2Mom Sale, I thought I had plenty of time to plan you, but it appears that I need to get started like now.

Dear Kirk Cousins, The more I read about you, the more I like you. I mean you are a Spartan so I already liked you, but now I hear you like HGTV and like color code your schedule? Yeah, I like that.

Dear POPSUGAR, If you could slow it down with the special edition boxes, that would be great!

Dear Baxter & Buddy, I am sorry I don’t get up as early as your Dad to let you outside.  I may need to start though because when I wake up and you are two inches from my face staring at me, well, it’s creepy.

Dear My Mantle, Why can’t I get you right? It’s driving me INSANE.  I need to stop looking at you.

Dear The Powerball, Yes please.

Dear The Golden Globes, How did I miss that awards season was upon us? I cannot wait to watch you this weekend!


Friday’s Letters 7

Dear 2nd Graders, You did awesome leading the sing-a-long at school yesterday! I loved watching you guys!

Dear My Cousins, We can’t wait to see you all this weekend! Let the fun begin!

Dear Baxter, I don’t care what B and L say, I don’t think you look like a sloth. Although, you do have the same sleep pattern as one…

Dear Sports Illustrated, It’s MARK. Not Mike. MARK. LOL! Whatever. #spartanswill

Dear Hay Barrels, You are heavier than you look. I am sure the neighbors were entertained trying to watch me drag you to the compost pile.

Dear Starbucks, Don’t run out of ugly sweater cozy’s before I get there!

Dear B, I am so excited to have you home for the next few weeks!  January is going to be insane, but we’ll worry about that in January.

Dear Homeland, I can’t wait to see how you wrap this season up.

Dear Friend & Family, I am loving all the Christmas cards we have been getting!  I don’t know why, but seeing the same pictures printed out are 100x better than looking at them on Facebook.

Dear Free Expedited Shipping, Thank you.  Just thank you.


Friday’s Letters 0

Dear National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, You never get old. Ever.

Dear Target, A free icee or JamboGO or soda every time I visit your store because I have a red card? I’m down for that.

Dear My Cough, I am so glad you are going away. So glad.

Dear Me, Don’t wait so long to get a prescription next time.

Dear Instgram Husband, LOL. I’ll admit, I had wondered who takes all those OOTD pictures?

Dear Michigan, Can we get some more snow already? It’s December and what do we have? 60 degree weather this weekend. Come on. That’s flip-flop weather.

Dear White Couches, You don’t get as dirty as I was expecting you to, but wow, you sure do get covered with lint. Wow.

Dear The Remote for the TV in my Bedroom, Where are you?  No. Seriously.  Where. Are. You?  And why can’t I change the channel without you? It’s driving me nuts.

Dear Telemarketers, I don’t understand how you can continue to call my cell phone?  No, I don’t want an extended warranty on a lease car I no longer have and I certainly don’t want an amazing opportunity to take an all expenses paid trip to Florida.  Sorry.


Friday’s Letters 4

Dear The Lions, You suck. You were winning by 20. Then you blew it. As usual. You blew it.

Dear L, You are absolutely rocking 2nd grade! You’re teacher had nothing but good things to say about you at your conferences yesterday and I couldn’t be prouder!

Dear Whatever Sickness I Have, Go away. I can feel my throat getting sore and scratchy and I am pretty sure I don’t want it to get worse. So just go away.

Dear B, I am super excited about arguing with you later tonight about what Christmas tree to get. As always it should be a good time. #traditions

Dear Citrus Lane, I am going to miss you! You were one of the first boxes I ever subscribed to and I feel like it’s the end of an era.

Dear W, I am amazed at how well you did with Santa yesterday! You pulled it together quite well after the meltdown you had when we first talked about going to see him. Nice work!

Dear Michigan State, Let’s not be the Lions tomorrow night okay?  #gogreen

Dear USPS, I love when you do twice a day and Sunday deliveries for the holidays.  I don’t know that the mail carriers love it, but I do!

Dear Christmas PJS, I love you.  I wish the kids could wear you non-stop from now till Christmas!!!



Friday’s Letters 2

Dear My Boys, Have a great weekend up-north! I will miss you!!

Dear Black Friday, Once again I decided not to venture out. I did drive by Target and Best Buy on the way home from dinner last night and wow, insanity. #nothankyou

Dear The Lions, Uhh, are you guys aware that you won 3 games in a row? Are you okay???

Dear Thanksgiving, You are always a good time. The kids table enjoyed listening to the adult table discuss Khloe and Lamar. And why exactly the Kardashians are famous anyway. Good times.

Dear Tom Izzo, Congrats on Win 500! You make me proud to be a Spartan!

Dear Stuffing, You are, by far, the best part of the Thanksgiving feast. Seriously. And to my SIL, I didn’t know it had sausage in it either.

Dear The Flooring Project, I am hoping that we get you all completed today. I think it’s doable, plus, living in a construction zone stresses me out, so….

Dear B, You know what, you were right, we did need a pick-up truck.

Dear Adele, Like everyone else, I love you.

Dear Snow, Come back!!!  I will admit, I didn’t hate that it was 60 degrees yesterday, but the boys had such a good time playing in the snow and now you are gone!  Hurry back!


Friday’s Letters 6

Dear Bigby, Thank you for being so close to swimming class.

Dear L’s School, The new system for the drop-off line is incredible. It moves so.much.faster. Thank you.

Dear Command Hooks, Now that I have placed you on a million walls and pieces of furniture in my house you better come off like you do on the commercials.

Dear Michigan State, I have never wanted you to win a game more than I want you to win this weekends game. Let’s do it.

Dear L, I cannot wait to volunteer in your classroom today!

Dear WB, No, there is a not a “3” in the spelling of your name. I get that your are 3 years-old, but no, it is not part of your name. Yes, for real. Sorry.

Dear House Hunters, Thank you for reminding me once again how inexpensive Michigan is compared to other parts of the country.  Those NYC prices?  Oh my.

Dear POPSUGAR, How about some spoilers for the Holiday for Her and Holiday for Him boxes?  I know I am not the only one who wants these!

Dear Snow, Where are you?  Why are you avoiding us?  L and I are so disappointed ;(.