Time of the Month

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*Time of the Month* Boxes

~28 Day Hug: $5.98/month.   You will receive a nice care pack every 28 days with a little chocolate, some tea and a little aromatheraphy moment (like bath salts or a shower tablet).  28 Day Hug has discontinued their subscription box service.

~Avalai: $18-$20/month. Avalai.com is a subscription service that sends you the products you need, when you need it for your time of the month. You can choose the package that’s perfect for you, and get all of your feminine hygiene supplies delivered right to your door, every month. (You can read my Avalai reviews here).

~The Best Club Period: $18/month. The Best Club Period is a monthly time of the month subscription service. Each box contains 29 products, including tampons, pads, panty-liners, razors and organic tea. You can also opt for “The Sexy Legs Razors Set” which is $9/month and included three razors and two samples of tea.

~BiziBubble: $14.95/month. BiziBubble is a fully customizable time of the month subscription box. Each month you will receive 30 feminine hygiene products of your choice along with a beautiful beauty gift, valued up to $45.

~Bonjour Jolie: $21/month.  Bonjour Jolie is a monthly subscription box designed exclusively for women to be pampered during their period.  Each box contains feminine products (pick any combination of 30 items – pads, tampons and/or liners), specialty bath and body items, gifts, teas and edible artisanal goodies.  (You can read my Bonjour Jolie reviews here).

~Club Monthly: $12-$18/month. Club Monthly is a monthly feminine hygiene subscription service. You can opt from one of three packages depending on which products you wish to receive (razors and deodorant are extra) and you can select your brand preference and how many of each product you would like to receive.

~e-Sentials: $10-$16/month.  e-Sentails provides tampons, pads, panty liners, razors and deodorant in a discreet package every month.  Packages are totally customizable and are aimed to make things more convenient for you. e-Ssentials is now part of Club Monthly.

~Every28: $10-$20/month. Every28 delivers tampons, pads, and other feminine products to women every month. With Every28, you can choose whatever brands you want, the quantities you need, and your delivery date. Packages range from $10-$20/month and include quantities between 10 and 50 pads / tampons. Every subscription level also includes chocolate.  As of June 2014, Every28 has discontinued their subscription box service.

~The Fetch Box: $18/month. The Fetch Box is a time of the month box for teens BY a teen! Every month you’ll receive 20 pads and/or tampons of your choice, 5 pantyliners, a feminine hygiene product to try, a sampling of snacks and a health, beauty, hair product or some other small gift.  (You can read my The Fetch Box reviews here).  As of February 2014, the Fetch Box has discontinued their subscription service.

~Hello Flo: $20-$21/monthly.  Helloflo is a monthly subscriptions service for your period. They’ll send you what you need, right when you need it.  They’ll also be sending some fun and tasty treats as a pick-me-up.  (You can read my Hello Flo reviews here).

~Juniper: $28/month.  Juniper is a tampons and treats subscription aimed at redefining the monthly period experience for women. The box includes personalized selection of tampons and other backup protection products, as well as hand-picked gourmet treats like artisan chocolates and herbal teas.  As of December 2013, Juniper has discontinued their subscription service.

~Le Parcel: $20/month.  Each Parcel comes with a selection of 30 pads / tampons of the brand(s) of your choice,  chocolate and a special gift.  You can even pick when the box arrives every month.

~Madame Ladybug: $23-$38/month. Madame Ladybug is a magical experience that will take that time of month and turn it into an event that you will continue to look forward to. You can opt for Flo Control ($23) which includes the basics plus a few extras, Pamper Me ($30) (includes Flo Control items plus more pampering goodies) or Ultimate Indulgence ($38) everything the other boxes do, plus even more surprise items!

~Monthly Love: $30/month. Monthly Love is a women’s premium monthly subscription box meant for pampering them to the ultimate extent during that time of the month. Each month you will receive up to 25 feminine products of your choice, a special gift or two :), full size pampering items, and lots of yummy snacks to keep those cravings subsided. A portion of the proceeds every month will be donated to that month’s awareness.  (You can read my Monthly Love reviews here).  Monthly Love is no longer accepting new subscriptions and has appeared to have closed their doors.

~My Cotton Bunny: $16/month. My Cotton Bunny is the monthly subscription service that bundles your choice of feminine hygiene products with a few extra goodies to get you through your cycle.  (You can read my My Cotton Bunny reviews here.) As of September 2014, My Cotton Bunny has closed their doors.

~Period for Good: $19-$29/month. Period for Good is a monthly time of the month subscription service. They offer various size packages which include pads and / or tampons and carry a wide assortment of brands. 25% of the monthly profits every month go to a charity of your choice.

~PMS.com: $15/month. Each month you will receive 15 regular Tampons, 15 Tutu Towels and 16 PMS Pain Relief Tablets delivered to your door. Boxes are shipped on the date you select and your first box is free (no code necessary). PMS.com is no longer in business.

~The Powder Room: $14.99/month.  The Powder Room is a monthly subscription service delivering feminine hygiene products and a sampling of other carefully selected products to satisfy your needs during that time-of-the-month.  Each month you will receive the tampon brand of your choice, a sweet treat, two Advil packets and soothing herbal tea.  As of May 2013, their website no longer appears to be working.

~SwaagBox: $16/month. SwaagBox is a time of the month and lifestyle subscription service. Each month you’ll get a choice of brand name tampons or pads in their original factory package and a fashionable piece of jewelry customized to your tastes as well as name brand makeup and a sweet treat.

  • http://www.unfashionablyawesome.com/ Katrina

    The Powder Room seems to be gone.

    Have you heard anything about the Period Store?

  • Karen V.

    28 Day Hug has shut down. Since April 2013 they have put We are not accepting new customers, but they also stopped ending out bags to their current customers. They also cancelled all current customers accounts in April (I was one of them) and emailed us to tell us they are shutting down to focus on their $45 PMS Pro Lovely box. boooooooo

    So I would just cross them off the list, since they are closed.

  • Jennifer

    Good to know! Thank you!

  • Karen V.

    Juniper has shut down as of December.

  • Jennifer

    Thank you.

  • Karen V.

    My Cotton Bunny has upped their price to $16 and are no longer $13.75.

  • Karen V.

    Also Bonjour Jolie is not $21, they are $16 and then it is plus shipping. Shipping can get pretty high if you live overseas but it is only 10 bucks to Canada, and 5 bucks to the US.

  • Karen V.

    and finally Hello Flo is not $14-$18.

    Their lowest plan start at $20, and their highest is $24

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for all the updates! Do you subscribe to one of these?

  • Jennifer

    I always post the prices including shipping!

  • Jennifer

    I updated that, but can’t find anything higher than $21 on them?

  • Karen V.

    I have subscribed to almost all of them at one point or another!

  • Karen V.

    Also, I live in Canada so I paid $26 for Bonjour Jolie and $30 for Madame Ladybug, and $31 for LeParcel so maybe you should post all their total prices (since you said you include shipping in your posted price)

    Madame Ladybug and LeParcel ship to Canada. Bonjour Jolie ships worldwide.

    Madame Ladybug charges $12 to Canada
    LeParcel charges $10 to Canada
    Bonjour Jolie Charges $5 to the US, $10 to Canada and $16 everywhere else.

    Also Fetch is not accepting subscribers right now.

    28 day hug their site is totally down not working and gone.

    Just a thought! (don’t want to sound like I am bitching!) Love your site!!

  • Jennifer

    Sorry, I should have been more clear. I include shipping to the U.S.

    I will get 28 Day Hug updated!

  • Karen V.

    Getting mad at Madame Ladybug.

    The raised their prices again without telling anyone. I have cancelled, bunch of nonsense!

    Every month it is a new price!

    Now they are (with US shipping)

    $26 for small
    $32 for Medium
    $40 for Large

  • Jennifer

    You certainly do get a lot of time of the month boxes!

  • Karen V.

    I have tried all the ones that ship to Canada! lol infact (so bad to admit it) but I have tried every sub box that ships to or is in Canada. Seriously, I think I have a problem!! LMAO!!

    I am switching Back to Bonjour Jolie, sorry I ever left.

  • Karen V.

    by the way, I know you are super busy, but in the futute could you make a list of all boxes that ship to Canada? that would be soo awesome!

  • Jennifer

    Canadian Box Addict:


    Girl Meets Box

    both do that!

  • Helen K.

    You are missing a company from your list…..Every28 http://www.every28.com

    They have plans from $10 – $20 per month, carrying the name brands.

    Great service!

  • Jennifer

    Thank you! I hadn’t heard of them yet!

  • http://avalai.com/ Gretchen H

    Hey Ladies,

    Just wanted to let all of you know that Avalai.com has lowered their price to 17-19 dollars with shipping included. We are running a promotion for 25% off if you want to give us a try. The code is USHOULDBUYIT and we will be rolling out a brand new, more customizable subscription process with in the month. So stay tuned and Jennifer we can’t wait to see your unboxing.


  • sasha

    Looks like pms.com has shut down

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for the update!

  • http://Www.swaagbox.com Mike

    How can we get added to your list? We sell a time of the month box at http://www.swaagbox.com. We send brand name tampons or pads jewelry makeup and a sweet treat for $16/month.

  • Jennifer

    I’ll get you added this weekend!

  • mike

    Thanks. Your readers can also use code 10off for $10 off the first months box :) If you want to do a review please email me and ill mail you a box to review as well for your readers.

  • Jennifer

    Awesome thank you!

  • Magda

    What’s Mike from swaagbox email to received a box review? I came across your page since Im planning on joining a monthly subscription box. Thank you