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*Kids* Boxes

~Adventure Trunk: $45/month. Adventure Trunk is a monthly subscription box service for 2-4 year olds that sends out twelve teacher-approved activities (art projects, crafts, manipulatives, sorting activities, coloring, painting, sensory activities, stories, stickers, stencils, puzzles, etc.) a month. Each month there are four activities in each of the following areas- math, reading, and art. (You can read my Adventure Trunk reviews here).

~Agent Ribbit: $24.99/month. Agent Ribbit sends you and your little detectives everything you need for exciting science investigations, every month!  Boxes are designed for kids ages 4-9 and includes at least 4 science investigations and creative learning projects in every box.

~Animal Trackers: $14.95/month. Animal Trackers Club is a monthly subscription program specifically designed for your Pre-reader/Beginning Reader (3+ years).  Each month your child will “track” a new animal through age-appropriate instructional materials designed to encourage hands-on, creative learning. (You can read my Animal Trackers Club reviews here).

~Appleseed Lane: $23/month.  Appleseed Lane is an educational monthly subscription box filled with fun and engaging science experiments and lesson-based crafts sent directly to your door.  Boxes are geared toward children ages 4 – 8 years of age.  (You can read my Appleseed Lane reviews here).  Appleseed Lane has been acquired by Green Kid Crafts.

~Artsy Fartsy: $24.95/month. Artsy Fartsy is a monthly subscription service that delivers do-it-yourself arts and craft activities for your kids directly to your door each month. Each delivery will contain all the raw materials and instructions needed to complete three activities. Boxes are available for boys and girls and are also separated into two different age groups (2-5 and 6-10).

~BabbaBox: $39.99/month. A subscription box delivered monthly with ALL the physical materials plus know-how content to really engage with your kids. Each month features a new theme-based box filled with activities, knowledge, and experiences that encompass all the ways kids love to learn! (You can read my BabbaBox reviews here).  As of December 2013, BabbaBox has discontinued their subscription service.

~The Boodle Box: $24.99/month. The Boodle Box is a monthly subscription box full of adorable accessories and beauty products that encourage girls of all ages to uncover new things and discover themselves in the process!  (You can read my The Boodle Box reviews here).

~Bookworm Bundle: $29/month.  Bookworm Bundle is a monthly subscription box service for children ages 2-5 that pairs classic and well known children’s books with 3-4 crafts and activities based on the books theme.  As of March 2014, Bookworm Bundle has ceased operations.

~Bramble Box: $25/month. Bramble Box, which is designed for children 3-8 years of age, provides creative play kits containing dramatic play materials and activities. Educational and fun, Bramble Boxes promote free play. Every box contains all the materials you need and a little inspiration – all you have to add is imagination.

~Brick Loot: $33/month. Brick Loot is a box subscription company for LEGO and Brick fanatics! Subscribers will receive a monthly box filled with 4-8 hand-picked, unique, custom and never-before-seen items that work with LEGO bricks and custom building.

~Candigirl: $26/quarter.  Candigirl Box is a quarterly box customized for girls ages 5-12.  Box types include “Sporty or Tomboy”, “Girly Girl” or “Bookworm” and always include age appropriate items that are meant to delight your daughter or loved one.  Candigirl has decided to take some time to restructure and improve upon their process and, therefore, will be suspending their subscription service until December 2014.

~Carefree Crafts:  $17.95/month.  Each month you will receive a curated package of 5 fun, holiday- or seasonal-themed crafts.  Craft kits that will be age and gender appropriate and are intended for children between 3 and 10 years old.  (You can read my Carefree Crafts reviews here).   As of May 2014, Carefree Crafts has discontinued their subscription service.

~Cooper & Kid Cooper Kit: $65/month.  Each Cooper Kit contains multiple curated products and activities designed to enrich your quality time with your children.  The Cooper Kit incorporates elements of hands-on learning, building projects, and self-expression and is designed to give dads ways to interact with their children.

~Crafter’sCrate: 24/month.  Crafter’sCrate is a monthly subscription box of crafts and activities for children aged 3-10. Boxes includee 4 craft kits that help kids find new hobbies discover more about themselves and most importantly spend time with someone who cares19.99/month. (You can read my Crafter’s Crate reviews here.)

~Cultured Crate:  $14/month.  The cultured crate will contain 3 to 5 items designed for kids aged 5-10 years old, from a company that gives back, has a purpose or needs your support.  Boxes could contain anything from art supplies, to new music to quirky items that you didn’t even know existed.  Cultured Crate is not currently accepting any customers as they work to revamp their service.

~Cultured Owl: $29/month. Cultured Owl is an educational subscription service focused on growing global citizens. Their Country Kits, which are designed for children aged 5-10, include a country booklet, collectible trading card, country flag, recipe card, toys, and 2-3 hands-on activities.  (You can read my Cultured Owl reviews here).

~Darby Girl: $19/month. Darby Girl is a craft subscription box for tweens. Every other month, you’ll receive a box includes everything you need to make that month’s awesome DIY project. Your box will include all the craft supplies you need, step-by-step instructions and inspirational project photos.

~Doodle Crate: $19.90/month.  Doodle Crate, from the makers of Kiwi Crate is designed for girls 9 – 16+ and aims to inspires girls to learn new crafting skills and express themselves creatively. Every crate includes all the materials and inspiration for DIY projects such as patterned pouches, friendship bracelets, or colorful candles.

~DoodleBug Busy Bags: $15.99/month. DoodleBug Busy Bags is a monthly craft subscription for kids ages 3 – 8 that aims to keep little hands busy and little minds active. Each month your child will receive a bag of 4 – 8 curated crafts, often centered on a holiday or seasonal theme, and all the supplies your child needs to complete each activity.

~Foldigo: $11.95/month.  Foldigo is designed to inspire and encourage hands-on play. Each monthly activity pack includes a new story and hands-on crafty goodness and is delivered to your mailbox.  (You can read my Foldigo reviews here).

~Green Kid Crafts: $19.50/month. Every Discovery Box comes with 3 exciting projects designed to build creativity, boost confidence and engage children with nature.

~Gickey Box: $39.99/month. Gickey Box is a monthly subscription box for kids 3-8 years old.  Each month your child will receive 4 age appropriate crafts along with games and activities to encourage exploration and further expand that month’s theme.  Boxes will also include a child friendly recipe and the signature Special Surprise Gickey Gift.

~Giggle Box: $24.99-$29.99/month.  Giggle Box is an interactive monthly subscription box for kids aged 3-6.  Boxes come packed full of activities and projects every month for your little ones to dig in to!  Giggle Box now operates as a Flash Sale website and does not offer a subscription box at this time.

~Groovy Lab in a Box: $26.95/month. Groovy Lab in A Box sends subscribers everything you need to learn about and do hands on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) experiments for ages 8+. Their purpose is to provide children with an opportunity to focus his or her imagination, determination, and innately inquisitive nature with a way to complete a monthly STEM project using the Engineering Design Process. Formerly known as Einstein in a Box.

~The Happy Trunk: $19.95/month. The Happy Trunk brings a carefully curated box filled with art, craft and science activities for hands-on projects for kids ages 3-11. All materials included.  (You can read my The Happy Trunk reviews here).

~iBbeautiful: $18/month.  iBbeautiful is a  monthly teen / tween subscription box.  Each month you’ll receive a varied selection of super fun products to wear, try on, play with, or sport around town.  Products will range from lip gloss, nail art, hair products, acessories such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. (You can read my iBbeautiful reviews here).

~Ivy Kids Kit: $38.95/month. Ivy Kids Kit is a monthly educational subscription box for children ages 3-8. Each month you will receive a kit containing a book and ten or more activities based upon the story. Activities included in the kit have been carefully crafted to encourage curiosity, problem solving, and creativity in young children. The Ivy Kit games and projects are a fun way to develop fine and gross muscles, build math and literacy skills, encourage reading comprehension, and promote scientific thinking. (You can ready my Ivy Kids Kits reviews here).

~Junior Explorers: $21/month. Junior Explorers is a monthly subscription box which features missions involving animals in a different ecosystem each month. The Box is designed for kids aged 5-12 and includes collectibles, activities and mission details every month. It has has digital missions, games and online rewards.

~KaleidaKidz: $26.95/month. KaleidaKiz is a scripture based subscription activity boxes for kids ages 5 – 11 years old. Every month will feature a new bible theme and from that theme you will find- a family devotional, character building activities, science explorations, craft projects, and kids can cook recipes!

~Kelly Kits: $9.99/month.  Kelly Kits are an all-inclusive art-play curriculum for children ages 2 to 102!  Kelly Kit activities introduce a broad variety of tools, materials and art techniques in 5 art disciplines: painting, sculpting, drawing, printmaking, and collage!

~Kid Stash: $27.99/month.  Kid Stash is a monthly subscription box for boys and girls age 3-7. Kid Stash is packed full of educational items, such as a book, a craft and additional fun items based on that month’s theme.  (You can read my Kid Stash reviews here).  As of January 2014, Kid Stash has discontinued their subscription service until further notice.

~KiddoBoxes: $19.68/month.  Kiddoboxes are boxes filled with novelty toys for boys and girls ages 4 thru 8. They are surprise boxes and will include a variety of fun items for kids to enjoy.  (You can read my KiddoBoxes reviews here.)  As of September 2013, Kiddoboxes is no longer in business.

~Kidstir: $19.95/month. Kidstir is a monthly kit of delicious recipes, kid-size tools, fun food games, & a premium ingredient! Kidstir kits are designed to appeal to kids ages 5-10 and every kit is mom, chef, educator, pediatrician, nutritionist and kid approved!

~Kiwi Crate: $19.95/month. Crates are designed around fun themes and filled with all of the materials and inspiration for hands-on projects for kids ages 3-7.  Explore with arts & crafts, science activities, imaginative play, and more. (You can read my Kiwi Crate reviews here).  

~Koala Crate: $19.90/month. Koala Crate, from the makers of Kiwi Crate, is designed for kids 3-4 years old and parks kids’ natural creativity and curiosity while saving time for busy parents. Every crate includes all the materials and inspiration for projects related to a theme such as colors, transportation or safari.

~little BLAST: $59.59/3-months. Each month you will receive a new BLAST with all the supplies necessary to complete 3-4 activities centered around a theme. Included in the BLAST are instruction guides that will provide learning goals, clear instructions and highlight learning points during the process for each activity.  BLASTs are designed for parents to introduce science and math to children in early education (including preschool).  (You can read my little BLAST reviews here).

~The Little Book Club: $24.95/month.  Your child (0-5) will receive three beautifully wrapped, age-appropriate, children’s books each month. These books will be a combination of classics, bestsellers, and educational books, coming in hardcover, paperback, and board book format.  Each month will have a different “theme” which are are designed to be appropriate for your child’s current developmental level.  (You can read my The Little Book Club reviews here).  As of August 2013, The Little Book Club has closed its doors.

~Little Fun Club: $25/month. Little Fun Club delivers books, puzzles and educational games for children from 0-12 years old to your door. Each month your child will receive three age appropriate items i.e. books, selected puzzles or educational digital content delivered to your door.

~Little Passports: $11.95/month. Little Passports offers a U.S. and a World subscription that allow your child to follow Sam and Sofia on their exciting adventures around the USA and the world. Little Passports inspire a love and understanding of the world as your child learns about a geography, history, culture, and language in a fun and memorable way.  (You can read my Little Passports review here).

~Little Pnuts: $75/quarter. Each quarter your child will receive a new Special Delivery filled with 3-5 beautiful toys that are curated specifically to meet your Little Pnuts developmental milestones. No matter their age, from birth until 5 years old, Little Pnuts has toys that will suit each phase of development from infant to toddler through preschool age.

~Little Scribblers Art Club: $15/month (payable annually). Each month you will receive everything you need to do four developmentally designed art experiences with your Little Scribbler. Your first month will be a box of supplies and every month after will include full instructions and the papers, stickers, yarn and all other flat craft supplies you will need for four fun-filled art experiences.

~Little Thinker Box: $21.99/month. The Little Thinker Box is a monthly subscription service for children preparing to enter Pre-K or Kindergarten. Each month the child is sent a themed-based activity box that focuses on reading, writing, math, science, and other skills; using fun games, crafts, and experiments. Each month’s theme is a surprise.  (You can read my Little Thinker Box reviews here).

~Love Play Nurture: $25/month. Love, Play, Nurture is a monthly subscription box service for children with autism and other special needs. Each month, we will send your child a personalized box filled with 3-5 items chosen specifically for him or her.  (Love Play Nurture is offering a limited number of test boxes at this time). 

~M is for Monster: $32.95/month.  M is for Monster is weekly educational activities (for toddler or Pre-K) that are delivered right to your door every month! Everything you need for one months worth of activities will be shipped right to your front door.

~The Magic School Bus Science Club:  $19.99/month.  The Magic School Bus is a monthly science club for kids ages 5-12 years old.  Each month your child will receive a different themed kit such as Magnets, Acids/Bases, and Weather Station.

~Max Pack: $24.99/month. Max Pack is a box full of activities that spark imagination, discovery & learning in kids aged 3-5 years-old.  Each themed box contains a cool, kid-healthy snax recipe, two unique Max on Snax® branded arts & crafts projects, a themed Coloring book, a cool sandwich shaper, weekly charts to help create awareness of good eating and exercise, online content and a grown-up packet with additional information.

~Montessori by Mom: $55.90/month. Montessori by Mom is a monthly curriculum for preschool ages children from 3-5 years of age. Each box includes 6 to 8 Montessori inspired activities developed by an expert Montessori teacher and high quality materials and an instructional video for each activity.

~Montubox: $43.90/month. Montubox is a monthly subscription box for children ages 4-9 years old. Every month you’ll receive an array of surprise activities such as hands-on projects, arts and crafts, puzzles, and an educational book. Boxes are assembled according to the age and gender of your child and revolves around an interesting theme every month.  (You can read my Montubox reviews here).

~My Bella Box: $30/month.  My Bella Box is a monthly subscription box which aims to help make little girls feel special.  Each box will include 2-3 handmade products (from headbands, to hairbrushes, to glitter wands and inspirational prints) just for her.  As of September 2013, My Bella Box is no longer in business.

~My Sensory Box: $29.95/month. My Sensory Box provides hands on learning that is both visually and texturally attractive. Each box includes activities that are developmentally appropriate and stimulating.

~Nerd Block Junior: $19.99/month.  Nerd Block Junior is aimed for children ages 6-11 years old and includes epic toys delivered to your door every month.  You can opt for a boys block or a girls block which contain nerdy apparel, toys, and collectables.  (You can read my Nerd Block Jr. reviews here).

~Page’s Corner: $19.95/month.  Each month you’ll receive  fun, project & activities that bring stories to life! Designed to engage & entertain children ages 3 – 10.

~Peekapak: $24.99/month. Peekapak offers a creativity-focused activity pack for children ages 3 – 7 which emphasizes active, collaborative play and learning while providing busy parents with a convenient way to connect with their child. Your Peekapak will contain a storybook, two to three crafts and all the materials needed to complete the activities.

~Pley: $15-$39/month. Pley is a monthly lego subscription rental service. Each month you will receive as many lego kits as you would like (one set a time) delivered in a beautifully designed package that contains: a LEGO set, the minifigures and the manuals. Three rental options are available: Small Sets ($15/month), Medium Sets ($25/month) and Large Sets ($39/month).

~Read Craft Bake: $30/month.  Read Craft Bake is a subscription service designed to encourage and enhance the parent/child relationship through literacy, creativity and imagination. Their subscription includes a carefully chosen book, a craft or art project designed to match the book, and a limited edition recipe card featuring a recipe that has been created to correspond with the book.

~SiNAP: SiNAP is a monthly hand-curated boxes with gluten free snacks, sensory relief and therapeutic toys, hands on activities, interventions and a bunch of goodies for children and youth who march to their own beat. You can specify an ASD, SPD, DS or AD/HD diagnosis and boxes will also feature an item which is selected by that month’s guest curator.

~Singalong Book Club: $16.99/month. Singalong Book Club is a monthly subscription for parents and preschoolers. Each month you will receive a twenty-four page book, filled with vibrant artwork that engages your little one’s imagination, a CD to singalong with and an app to play on your computer. Note: Singalong Club currently only ships to Canada, but is launching in the US soon.

~Space Scouts: $14.95/month. Space Scouts is a monthly subscription program designed to engage your child in fun learning activities, hands-on discovery, and exciting challenges. Space Scouts is recommended for those 6+ years of age. (You can read my Space Scouts reviews here).

~Spark Box Toys: $36.95/4-weeks.  Spark Box Toys will send you 4 high quality educational toys which are personalized for your child’s development in every box. When you are done, simply send them back for more!  (You can read my SparkBox Toys reviews here).

~SparkPlay Adventure Pack: $29.99/month.  SparkPlay is an out of the box experience designed for children aged 3 to 7 and comes with supplies for one parent and child to play.  Sibling add on packs are available. (You can read my SparkPlay reviews here).  SparkPlay is revamping into a fully digital service and has discontinued their subscription boxes.

~sproutkin: $25/month.  Sproutkin is a monthly children’s book subscription service for children ages 3 through 6 that promotes quality reading time between parent and child. How many books you receive each month depends on how quickly you return each Sproutkit.

~Sunshine Box: $32.95/month. Sunshine Box is a toddler subscription box that will arrive at your door each month filled with activities that will allow you to spend quality time with your little one. The box will contain four themes (one for each week of the month), with 2-3 activities.  Sunshine box no longer appears to be in business.

~SurpriseRide: $29.99/month.  Every month, you’ll receive a box that includes an activity with supplies and instructions to explore something new and other fun extras such as a book, gadget, stationary, snack, or game to enhance the experience. Rides are theme-based and cover all worlds, from art and culture to physics and technology and are perfect for children aged 6 to 11.

~Tinker Crate: $19.90/month.  Tinker Crate, from the makers of Kiwi Crate, is designed for kids 9 – 14+ and is designed to help them gain crucial STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills through hands-on activities that are also seriously fun. Every crate includes all the materials and inspiration for a super-cool project related to a theme such as motors, trebuchets, or slime.

~TogetherBox: $29/month. TogetherBox was created to make family together time easy. Each box will come with 3-4 carefully crafted activities, experiments and games around a surprise theme. All activities are designed to appeal to a large age group (3-10 years-old) so your whole family can enjoy their time together.  TogetherBox appears to have closed their doors.

~Wonder Box: $19.99/month. A box a month for curious kids 3 to 6. which includes three handpicked projects + all supplies. Wonder Box has monthly themes such as crafts, science & more. (You can read my Wonder Box reviews here).  As of 2/15/13, Wonder Box will be ending their service.

~The World’s Most Fascinating Rock Collection: $16.33/month (3-month commitment required). The World’s Most Fascinating Rock Collection, a fun and educational monthly subscription based collection of twelve of the most fascinating rocks in the world for kids aged 5-13 years old. Each month your child will receive one of twelve rock or mineral samples shipped with a clear, connectable storage container that grows with and displays the collection. Your child will also receive fun and informative educational material specific to the included rock, instructions for applicable hands-on projects, and content-reinforcing paper activities.

~Wummelbox: $39.95/month. Each Wummelbox contains 3-4 inspiring arts & crafts projects for kids ages 3 – 8, including all the materials needed to immediately begin crafting.  The Wummelbox website comes up as an untrusted site with various German writing on the site.

~Xplore BoX: $29.95/month.  Xplore BoX is a monthly subscription box service with a focus on bringing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) activities to kids ages 7 to 12 in order to engage and motivate them to pursue studies in STEM.

~Young Authors’ Treasure Box$40/bi-monthly.  Each box will follow a theme, genre or author to expose young authors and writers to a variety of works.  Each treasure box contains age and grade appropriate reading and writing adventure material and contains 4-7 reading books (paperback or hardcover),  pens, pencils, bookmarks, DIY blank writing books, designer paper, pencil grips, and reading and writing guides.  (You can read my Young Authors’ Treasure Box reviews here).

~Zoobean: $2.99 – $14.99/month.  Zoobean subscriptions helps you build your individual child’s literacy with remarkable children’s books and apps selected just for him or her. You may select from a monthly book delivery service (from $9.99/month) that gives you one hardcover or paperback book each month, along with an app recommendation + literacy guides or a digital service option (from $2.99/month) and receive weekly personalized app + book recommendations that come with literacy guides.  (You can read my Zoobean reviews here).

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