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*Jewelry* Boxes

~A&M Treasure Box: $22-$27/month. A&M Treasure Box is a subscription box that arrives to your doorstep every month which contains 2-3 trendy, hand-picked jewelry pieces.  You can opt for the “Everyday Box” which includes includes trendy, simple and dainty jewelry pieces that can be worn on the regular or the “Glam Box” which includes stunning, stylish and modern pieces that can go from day to night and would be considered “bold”.

~Bezel Box: $35.67/month. Bezel Box was started to create an avenue that caters to women with busy lives and an eye for style who want to discover the latest fashionable accessories. Each box is filled with 4-5 pieces of beautiful jewelry. You can also opt for a Bezel Box Mini Subscription for $19.97/month. (You can read my Bezel Box reviews here).

~BohoBlu: $39.99/month. BohoBlu Box is a monthly box of jewelry and accessories delivered to your door. Each box will contain 3-5 accessories and beauty items hand-selected by their team of Stylists.

~BuddhiBox Jewelry: $49.95/quarter. Every quarter BuddhiBox Jewelry will send you 2-3 jewelry pieces hand made with loving intention from local artisans. Items are curated to match your vibrant, Buddhi spirit. Jewelry BuddhiBox ships February, May, August, and November.

~Cate & Chloe: $39.99/month.  Each month you will receive two high quality pieces of jewelry delivered to your door.  Pieces are shipped separate and arrive every 15 days.  One item each month will be an exclusive pre-release item available only to you.  (You can read my Cate & Chloe reviews here).

~Dazzley Box$14.99/month. Dazzley box is a monthly subscription box for women that includes one surprise necklace based on your style preferences each month.

~Fashion Jewelry of the Month Club: $17/month. Each month you will receive a surprise piece of jewelry customized to your preferences. Collections include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets and rings and range from classic to trendy styles.

~Formio: $19/month. Formio is an accessories and clutch rental service. Each box contains 4 gorgeous, high-quality jewelry pieces and a clutch with a total retail value of more than $250. You can wear the pieces for as long as you want and then return them for a new set. (You can read my Formio reviews here).

~Gem La La: $42.99/quarter. Gem La La Totes are the ultimate ‘Surprise Grab Bag’ filled with jewelry and accessories for women. Every 3-months you will receive 5-6 pieces of jewelry and accessories with a value of $200+ in an exclusively designed reusable tote. (You can read my Gem La La reviews here.)

~GlamBox: $29.99/month. The GlamBox is a subscription box for women. Each month you will receive 3-4 accessories valued at $50 – $100. Also available is the GlamBox Mini Bag ($19.99/mo) and get 2-3 accessories valued at $25 – $50. You can choose from 6 different style profiles (Classic, Glamorous, Rock n Roll, Hip Hop, Boho Chic, Mix and Match. + LIMITED EDITION box) to perfectly match your preference and can switch styles, skip the month, or cancel at anytime.

~Hatch Jewelry: $19/month. Hatch Jewelry is a monthly jewelry subscription rental service. You will receive three pieces of hand-picked jewelry on loan which you may enjoy for as long as you like. Once you are ready for a different set, simply send the pieces back!

~Helene Jewelry Arm Party: $25/month. Every month you will receive a receive a fun piece of jewelry selected based on your style profile. Your arm candy (i.e. bracelet) will have a retail value of between $50 and $125 which is a savings of over 50%! (You can read my Helene Jewelry Arm Party reviews here).

~Inedible Treats: $30/month. Inedible Treats is a monthly subscription box from Marvin’s Corner. Each box includes 2-3 handcrafted pieces of food jewelry, extras related to the box theme of that month, and exclusive coupons!

~Inevitably Chic: $25/month. Inevitably Chic is a jewelry and accessory subscription box service. Each month you will receive three fabulous jewelry items delivered to your door. You can also opt for the “Baby Chic” subscription which is $15/month and sends one fabulous item each month. (You can read my Inevitably Chic reviews here).

~Jewelbits: $39/month.  Jewelbits is a monthly jewelry subscription box service.  Every Jewelbits box subscription comes with two to three hand-selected, boutique jewelry pieces based on your selected style and has a retail value of about $125.

~Jewelbox: $12/month.   Each month you will receive a beautiful hand crafted piece of jewelry! Jewelry is custom made for you based on your style profile completed before you purchase.

~JewelCrush: ~$11 – $35/month. JewelCrush is a jewelry subscription service based in the United Kingdom. The following three different subscription options are available: Premium (~$35/month) includes 4 to 5 pieces of all sterling silver jewelry, Classic ($~18/month) includes 4 to 5 pieces of jewelry and Mini (~$11/month) includes 2 pieces of jewelry.

~Jewel Spring: $30/month. Jewel Spring is a monthly subscriptions service for your fashion accessories. Each month you can expect to receive a beautifully wrapped box containing three accessories worth more than $50 value delivered directly to your doorstep.  (You can read my Jewel Spring reviews here).

~JewelMint: $30/month. The JewelMint VIP Box is a surprise jewelry box containing 3 exclusive pieces which are handpicked and  delivered to your door each month.  Boxes have a value of $80+ and are curated to include on trend pieces. (You can read my JewelMint VIPBOX reviews here).

~Jubees Box: $14/month. Jubees is a monthly earrings subscription box. Every month, you’ll receive a box filled with four pairs of their stud earrings, plus the standard monthly information card, and jewelry pouches, and some boxes may include a beauty extra.

~Lovely Cult: $39/month. Lovely Cult is a monthly jewelry subscription service. Each month you will receive an assortment of pieces tailored to the style of box you choose – Boho, Blingy, or Business. Your jewelry box may include rings (generally size 6, 7, or 8), bracelets, pendants, and necklaces, all beautifully packaged and ready to wear.

~Lucid Box$29/month. You’ll receive two pieces of jewelry each month valued between $58-$74. Pieces are carefully curated keeping in mind that our clients love beauty, comfort and versatility.

~Mynt Box$30/month.  Mynt Box is a monthly subscription service for stylish and fashion forward jewelry.  When you order a Mynt Box, you get a box of 3-5 jewelry pieces delivered to your door step once a month. You are able select from various style (Boho, Luxe or Mixe) when ordering your Mynt Box.

~Olia Box: $25 – $35/month. Olia Box is a monthly subscription service which sends 2-3 ($25/month) or 3-4 ($35/month) surprise pieces of jewelry to your door each month. Pieces are hand selected for you based on your style preferences selected upon sign up.

~Opulent Box: $25,000/quarter. Opulent Box is the world’s first true luxury jewelry subscription box service. The subscription service will include authentic designer jewelry pieces from legendary brands such as Chanel, Cartier, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton, and others, plus additional goodies curated just for their discerning customers.

~Rocks Box$19/month. RocksBox include 3 pieces designer jewelry pieces, curated for you and delivered to your doorstep. Wear your RocksBox jewelry for up to 60 days and buy any pieces that you love and refresh your RocksBox as often as you’d like.

~SheDangle: $29/month. SheDangle is a monthly earring subscription service. Each month, you will receive a handcrafted pair of earrings custom designed to meet your tastes which you specify when you purchase your subscription. You will also receive a special gift note with an inspirational quote to lift and empower you.

~Sparkle Box: $34/month (3-month minimum). Sparkle Box delivers 3 fashionable pieces of jewelry, gift-wrapped and delivered to your doorstep each month.

~Tippy Taste: $20/month. Tippy Taste is a monthly jewelry subscription box. Each month they will send you two pieces of curated high-fashion jewelry with a value of $50+. They also offer a box featuring three items with a value of $80+ for $28/month.

~Treasure Pack: $14.99-$49.99/month.   Treasure Pack is a monthly jewelry subscription service.  They offer the following four options: The “Teen Pack” ($14.99/month) features selections for teens, the “Silver Pack” ($24.99/month) features a selection of handpicked silver pieces, the “Swarovski Pack” ($24.99/month) includes handpicked jewelry pieces with Swarovski elements and the “Premium Pack” ($49.99/month) is shipped from the United States and includes hand-picked premium jewelry pieces.  (You can read my Treasure Pack reviews here).

~The Trendy Box:  $25/month.  Every month, you’ll receive a box filled with 3-4 fashion accessories, consisting of, but not limited to, necklaces, rings, earrings, belts, wallets, compact mirrors, and hair accessories. $40/month. The Wantable accessories box sends you 4 to 5 boutique jewelry items hand-selected by style expert Bjorn Nasett. If you aren’t 100% happy with your items you may return them at no cost.

~Yoga Jewelry Box: $24.99/month. The Yoga Jewelry Box from Yogi Surprise contains 2 handmade yoga-inspired jewelry pieces and 1 superfood or organic chocolate treat each month. Boxes promise to have a retail value of $65+ and pieces will range from stunning Chakra bracelets and inspirational Om pendants, to 108 bead Mala necklaces, Amethyst stone treasures, and much more!

~Your Bijoux Box: $35/month.  Bijoux Box contains 2-3 pieces of hand-curated jewelry.  Selected pieces areon-trend, versatile and wearable,  and you will receive at least $70 worth of jewelry each month.  (You can review my Bijoux Box reviews here).

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