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*Baby / Mom* Boxes

~10 Storks: $40/month.  10 Storks is your monthly prescription for a happier, healthier pregnancy. It consists of 9 easy, elegant boxes for mom and a 10th box for the baby (and it’s free!).  (You can read my 10 Storks reviews here).  As of January 2014, 10 Storks is no longer in business.

~16 Minute Club: $35/6-weeks. The 16 Minute Club is the one-and-only home-delivery lactation support program focused on helping new nursing mothers meet their breastfeeding goals. Boxes are shipped every six weeks and contain personalized breastfeeding tips and products related to your baby’s developmental stage.

~21 Bundles:  $39.99/month.  21 Bundles is a service that sends baby-safe products to expecting and new parents every month. They tailor your bundle to your specific stage of pregnancy and new parenthood.  Boxes are designed for the 9 months of your pregnancy and 12 months of your babies first year.

~Austin Lloyd: $49.99/month.  Austin Lloyd is a subscription box of educational toys for children under 3. They aim to take the guess work out of choosing toys that your child will enjoy, while also gaining skills that aide in their overall development. Each box contains 4-5 educational toys and typically at least one book.  (You can read my Austin Lloyd reviews here).

~Babbling With Babies: $10-$15/month.  Babbling With Babies is a subscription based series focusing on strategies for parents to facilitate their baby’s early speech and language skills. Each month, a packet arrives with information about a specific facilitative strategy for the parent to learn about and practice with their baby (ages 0-2).

~Baby BumpBundle: $60/trimester. Baby BumpBundle is curated care package of  handpicked fun and functional pregnancy products for each stage of pregnancy.  Bundles, including the BabyBundle, the FitBumpBundle and the BreastfeedingBundle may also be purchased separately – without a subscription as a one time only option. (You can read my Baby BumpBundle reviews here).

~Bentley Box: $33/month. Bentley Box is a monthly subscription box delivered to your home which will include 4-5 toys, books, puzzles, toiletry items, crafts, snacks, or the like. It is designed for children ages infant to 8. Bentley box also offers an unique option to include clothing in each monthly box.  As of February 2014, Bentley Box is closing their doors.

~Binkabox: From $9-$23/month. Binkabox is a gift basket of unique, hand-picked products for babies and toddlers (newborn to age 5). With a subscription, each month you’ll receive a box with new and exciting children’s products delivered right to your door.  (You can read my Binkabox reviews here.)  As of January 2014, Binkabox is not offering a subscription box service.

~Blended Mommas: $26/month. Blended Mommas is a subscription box service created to encourage today’s stepmom!. Each box will include an assortment of items including (but not limited to) beauty products, bath, handmade items, jewelry, accessories, snacks, home items and other creative & cool things!

~bluum: $29/month. bluum is a monthly subscription for babies and children up to 5 years of age.  Each box contains a five or more hand picked-selection of essential products for you and your baby / toddler / preschooler and is customized based on child’s age, gender and developmental stage.  (You can read my bluum box reviews here).

~Box Me Mommy: $29/month. Every month you and your child will get a box of 4-5 items tailored to the age/stage of your child, from newborn up to 4 years. Boxes may include toys, books, snacks, household products along with their exclusive MOMSugar Handbook, a well-deserved MOM of the month certificate, and other goodies for kids and their wonderful Mom. You can also opt for the “Mommy Only” box or the “Mommy + Us” box which is designed for two children of different ages.

~bumpBox: $37.94/month.  bumpBox is a subscription box for expecting moms.  Each month you can expect to receive 4-6 handpicked products selected based on your preferences and current pregnancy stage.

~Citrus Lane: $29/month. Citrus Lane is a surprise box of the best products for your child (tailored to age and stage – up to age 5) every month.  Boxes include toys, books, goodies and essentials from trusted brands that are sure to delight you and your little one.  (You can read my Citrus Lane box reviews here).  

~Cotton Booty: $24.99/month.  Each month you will receive one name brand cloth diaper, sample(s) and a fun item.  You will receive the latest styles that are top rated from moms around the world.  (You can read my Cotton Booty reviews here).

~The Crowded Tub: $21.95/month. Each month you will receive a package containing an assortment eco-friendly and non-toxic children’s bath toys, fun accessories, sponges, and washcloths as well as all-natural and organic soaps, shampoos, bubble baths, lotions and creams.  The Crowded Tub is no longer in business.

~Googaro$35/month.  Each month the Googaro team will select mom-approved items for you and baby (0 to 3 years old) and send it straight to your door. You’ll receive some of their favorite finds including toys, books, snacks, and household products from brands they love. (You can read my Googaro reviews here).

~Grace Box: $10.99/month. Grace Box is a monthly subscription service which sends you hair bows and headbands for your your precious little girl. Each month you will receive 3-4 items delivered right to your door.

~Happy Mommy Box: $29/month.  Happy Mommy Box is a brand new monthly subscription box delivers encouraged and inspired motherhood.  Each month you’ll receive a care package, full of surprises, to brighten your day.

~The Holiday Housewife Box: $24.99/month. The Holiday Housewife Box is a monthly subscription service catering to Moms and Housewives that delivers a box of gifts to you each month. Each box will have it’s own theme and will include 4-5 five items (Chocolate, Novelty, Jewelry ect.), as well as, a monthly newsletter feturing a blogger of the month and fantastic recipes.  (You can read my Holiday Housewife Box reviews here).  The Holiday Housewife Box no longer appears to be in business.

~Lalaalu:$35/month.  Your subscription includes a monthly gift box with 6-8 natural-based and eco-friendly brands, hand-curated by Lalaalu’s panel of 15 NYC families. The collection of products always includes something for mealtime, bath time and playtime and a treat for mom and dad too! The products are parent-recommended and kid-approved, ideal for kids 0-3 years of age.  Lalaalu no longer offers monthly subscriptions.  Boxes may be purchased on an individual basis on their site.

~A Little Bundle:  $42/month.  A Little Bundle provides curated bundles of products for both mother and her baby (up to 2 years of age), choosing from products from around the world that meet only the highest quality and design standards.  

~LittleEcoFootprint: $44.95/every two months. LittleEcoFootprint is a Canadian subscription service designed for children from newborn up to age three. Each box is hand-selected and delivered to your doorstep tailored to your child’s age and stage. Deliveries take flight six times per year and they have just recently started shipping to the United States.  LittleEcoFootprint has closed their doors.

~littlefox: $37.95/month.  Each month you’ll receive 3-5 full-size fun, modern, eco-friendly products suitable for ages 0-2 yrs handpicked for your child.  As well as, a hip littlefox limited edition custom gift created exclusively by littlefox artists.  As of August 2103, littlefox has closed its doors.

~Little Spark: $34.95/month.  Specifically curated for your little one from 0 – 18 months, Little Spark provides a monthly curriculum based on a collection of toys and books to foster early childhood development and playtime. (You can read my Little Spark reviews here).  Little Spark is not currently accepting subscribers at this time and has not updated their Facebook account since May 2013.

~Lucky Mama Boxes: $25 (one time box).  The Boobie Box contains nursing essentials created by experienced moms for other nursing moms to ease the pains of the early days of breastfeeding to going back to work and pumping.  (You can read my Lucky Mama Box reviews here). As of January 2014, the Lucky Mama website no longer exists.

~Mama Lana: $59/month.  Mama Lana delivers expertly curated monthly boxes, full of soulful and luxurious necessities for each month of pregnancy.  Boxes are hand-picked and have a value of at least $65 to $100+.  (You can read my Mama Lana reviews here).  Mama Lana is not offering a subscription service at this time.

~Mama’s Got Mail: $49/month.  Mama’s Got Mail is a monthly subscription service that enables moms to receive fun, thoughtful, surprise physical items each month to support them as moms.  (You can read my Mama’s Got Mail reviews here).

~Mommébox: $20/season. Mommébox is a great new way to get inspired, learn about new products and take a break from all the demands of being a mom. One box might be focused on ways to amplify your beauty, another box might be focused on the home or education products and/or taking care of your significant other. Every season brings a new surprise!  (You can read my Mommébox reviews here).  As of September 2013, Mommébox is no longer accepting new customers.

~MommiesFirst: $30/month. Every month you will get a box of 4 – 5 products recommended and reviewed by their MommiesFirst Council. The products are tailored to the stage of your pregnancy or the age of your baby (up to his or her first year).

~Mommy MailBox: $32.95/month. Mommy MailBox subscription boxes are carefully curated to make all mom’s lives better, easier and sweeter. Products typically retail between $55-$75 and each box contains 4-6 surprise gifts that change each month.

~Mommy’s Me Tyme: $37.90/month. Mommy’s Me Tyme is a monthly subscription box for that any woman can enjoy. Boxes will include five or more items each month such as jewelry, accessories, bath & spa essentials, beauty products and other unique merchandise with a total value of $50+. (You can read my Mommy’s Me Tyme reviews here).

~Parenthood Survival:  $39.99/month.  Parenthood Survival Box is a monthly subscription box full of nifty items for babies and parents.  They bring the most innovative, creative and useful products, right to your door and are suited for those who are expecting or those who have babies up to nine months of age! As of January 2014, Parenthood Survival has discontinued their subscription service until further notice.

~Preggonista: $55/month.  Preggonista is a fashion subscription service for pregnant women.  Each box will include a wearable must-have fashion item (dress, shirt or leggings), accessory (belly band or long necklace) and beauty products geared to meet the needs of pregnant women.

~Silly Rhino: $35.99/month. Silly Rhino is a monthly subscription box suitable for babies ages 0-4. Each month they include only 4-5 of the the safest, environmentally conscious and highest quality products. Items made include toys, personal care items, accessories and gear.  (You can read my Silly Rhino reviews here).  As of July 2014, Silly Rhino is discontinuing their subscription service.

~Sloomb – The Unicorn Club: $35/month (payable quarterly).   The Unicorn Club is a monthly cloth diaper subscription service.  Each month you’ll receive a specially branded sustainablebabyish UNICORN item made for members only.  This include new colors, fabrics, even non-diaper related stuff like totes & cubes.

~Stork Stack: $28/month. Stork Stacks include 5 curated, highest-quality products for your baby AND you. The products change every month based on that month’s theme, but they’re always age-appropriate.  (You can read my Stork Stack reviews here).  As of April 2014, Stork Stack has merged with bluum.

~Supplet:  $39.99/month.  Supplet delivers a monthly box filled with things to help you nourish, learn about, and love your pregnancy. Supplet mixes it up each month so you’ll receive great things to try, the most innovative (not to mention adorable) pregnancy and baby products on the market.  (You can read my Supplet reviews here).

~Surviving Momhood: $30/month. The Surviving Momhood Box is a monthly subscription box company focusing on moms in each stage of Momhood. Boxes are customized based on your stage of “momhood” and boxes contain a minimum of 5 items for mom and 1 item for your child.

~Umba Baby Box: $56/month. Umba Baby Box offers a monthly delivery of curated handmade baby goods designed for babies o to 6-months old.  Boxes may include hand knit beanies, natural diaper creams, wooden teething rings.

~Walmart Baby Box: $5/Stage. Walmart Baby Boxes deliver free (you just pay shipping) stage-relevant product samples of items sold at your local Walmartto ease transitions all the way to your baby’s first steps and let you focus on their development. “Stages” begin with the 2nd Trimester and go through the Toddler years.

  • Lauren

    Which box would you recommend for a five month old? And when subscribing to a box do you recommend bumping your child’s age up a few months?

  • Bethany

    I love your reviews! I always check your blog first to see if you’ve reviewed the box and then I check somewhere else. I’m always browsing the box list, you update it pretty often!
    With that it mind, I tried to use your link to Cotton Booty (my sis is expecting and wants to use cloth diapers), the website looks like it changed to

  • Sasha

    I love Googaro! I have only received one box so far but am excited to see what else they send.

  • Kate

    Code “BINKA” for BinkaBox only saved me 10% the first month’s price for my 3 month subscription. :-(

  • Jennifer

    Thank you for the heads up. I will change the wording!

  • Lauren M.

    Have you ever used the Honest Company’s diapers? I really like the idea of them being eco friendly… but I would like to hear about somebody using them before I spend $80 a month on them….

  • Jennifer

    I don’t love them as much as I love, say, Pampers. The prints are adorable though, which make them better. Why don’t you pick up a trial? It’s like $7 or something and they will send you some to test. If you don’t like it, cancel before you get billed!

  • Lauren M.

    After I posted that I went to their website and they had a free trial of the diapers and wipes bundle and the essential bundle. All I had to do was pay $5 for shipping! Nice! Now I just need to figure out if I have to cancel a subscription before I get billed $200 next month! (I’m not good at reading fine print)!

  • Jennifer

    You need to call within 7 (?) days!!

  • JoLynn

    Just saw that Bluum and Stork Stack joined forces. Curious what next month’s box is going to be. This will definitely be better on my wallet.

  • Jennifer

    I am curious to see if bluum will change much as well

  • lia

    Heads up: The Crowded Tub’s website is down. Wonder what that means?

  • Jennifer

    I’ll have to check it out! Thanks for the heads up!