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Friday’s Letters 4

Dear Snow, Really? It looked like a blizzard outside the other day. You know it’s nearly May right? Stop it.

Dear KEEP Collective, I cannot wait for your Summer line to launch! Just a few more weeks!

Dear L, I loved hearing about your day at work yesterday.  It’s not always quite as fun as yesterday was though ;).

Dear WB,  I was hoping you’d take a nap yesterday so I could get some stuff done.  Too bad, I feel asleep with you which meant I got nothing done.  #fail

Dear Target + Lilly, Pretty sure I am still tired from Sunday.  Happily though, all my orders have shipped!  And I have my fingers crossed people will return a few more of the items I had my eye on!

Dear Bruce Jenner, That sucks that you have people camped out in bushes trying to take picture of you inside your house.  That’s just over the line.

Dear Baby Foot, I am both excited and terrified for you to start working.

Dear L and WB, Thank you both for doing so well at the dentist / doctor this week.  It makes life so much easier!  You guys rock.

Dear My Internet, You have been horrible lately.  I don’t know what’s up, but I need to get it figured out.

Dear YouTube, According to my TimeHop, you turned 10 yesterday.  How is that even possible?


Friday’s Letters 17

Dear Find My Phone, You really do work. Why haven’t I used you more? Amazing.

Dear Random Real Estate Lady Who Called Me Yesterday, Uhh no, we do not want to sell our house and I don’t think any of my neighbors do either. Also, where on earth did you get my CELL phone number from?

Dear Duchess Kate, I cannot believe people are going to stand outside the hospital while you are in labor. I cannot even imagine how stressed that would make me!

Dear B, I am so glad you are home.

Dear Jimmy Fallon, Where is this Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream you supposedly have? Not in Michigan that’s for sure.

Dear Target + Lily Pulitzer, Stop teasing me with all your fabulousness and just go on sale already.

Dear Allergies, I hate you. So much.

Dear L, I love seeing the outfits you pick out for school. They totally aren’t what I would have selected for you, but that’s the point. You pick them and you love them! And I love that.

Dear Winter, You better be over. I put ALL out winter coats, hats, gloves, snow pants, etc. away yesterday and I am NOT bringing them back out anytime soon.


Friday’s Letters 5

Dear The Tailor, Thank you for not only making B’s uniform look perfect, but also for knowing enough about it to know that he didn’t bring all of the right patches for it and going ahead and fixing it on your own. We totally owe you one!

Dear Fitbit, Uhh, thanks for the update that the fitbit Charge I gave away in a contest on here a while ago never shipped. Here I was thinking it was all set. Nope. On backorder. Till June.

Dear Friday, I thought you were yesterday and that today was Saturday.  That’d be a no.

Dear Rain, I think you are taking this April showers bring May flowers thing a little too far.

Dear Tom Izzo, You are a class act.  I may will cry if you ever leave Michigan State.

Dear The Masters, As usual, I am oddly excited about watching you on tv.  I even checked the standings last night after the first round was over. #idontevengolf

Dear B, Sometimes you’re the best.

Dear WB, Some people count sheep at bedtime to help them fall asleep, but I realized last night that “catch snacks”.  You mumble something, start reaching up and grabbing these imaginary snacks out of the air, “eat” them and then say “I got you snacks”.  LOL.  Too funny.

Dear Emoji’s, I love all the new options!!!  It’s about time!

Dear L, Ahh, I can’t believe how quickly you are growing up.  Seriously, 1st grade is almost over.  What? Slow down time!

Dear Jimmy Fallon and Madonna and the Roots, Anytime the classroom instruments come out I know it’s going to be good and you didn’t disappoint!



Friday’s Letters 5

Dear Jimmy Fallon’s Puppies, I have always loved watching your predications, but I love you even more now that you selected Michigan State to win the Final 4!!

Dear POPSUGAR, Can we get some April box spoilers already?? Come on! Please!!!

Dear Toys R Us, Please have Mystery Surprise Eggs today so I don’t have to go to 20 other places to find them.

Dear L, Your new shoes might be the coolest thing ever.  For real. I want a pair for me. #neonorange

Dear Everyone on Spring Break, Have fun and be safe! I am only a little jealous you are in that warm weather and I am here watching it rain ;).

Dear The Flu, You suck. I can only hope we have paid our dues for the year and won’t be seeing you again anytime soon. The last week and a half has been brutal!

Dear Matt & Brother Orange, I don’t even know what to say other than this may be the coolest and most incredible story I have read in a long time.

Dear WB, I love listening to you count before you fall asleep.  I don’t know what you are counting and you don’t always count in the correct order, but it’s adorable.

Dear Group Texts, You never disappoint.  And did you know you could name group texts?  Thank you to my 70+ year old uncle for teaching us all this.

Dear My Neighbors, I know you think I am nuts with all the packages I get.  I’ll explain subscription boxes better next time I see you!

Dear Zappos, Once again you amaze me.  I order Wednesday night. You deliver Thursday.  Amazing.


Friday’s Letters 10

Dear MSU, I’m so ready for the game tonight! Again, let’s not make this a close one. I should be used to this by now, but I never will be!

Dear Groupon, Your “Banana Bunker” post on Facebook yesterday?  Stop it.  I was dying.

Dear L, I am so glad you are feeling better!!!  And I think you are even happier about it than I am!

Dear Giant Giraffe at Home Goods, I can’t believe no one has bought you yet.  It’s been weeks and weeks. And yet you remain.  If you go on Yellow Tag Clearance I might just have to rescue you. No idea how I would get you home since you are about 9 feet tall, but it’d fun to watch me try to cram you in my car!

Dear The Longest Train Track Set-Up Ever, I can’t help but wonder how long you are going to remain up in my hallway?  I’ve tripped over you about a dozen times so far, yet the kids insist you remain up.  I should probably just get used to you!

Dear WB,I would love to know how you not only found videos of people unboxing toys on YouTube Kids, but also why you are so interested in them?  I just don’t get it.

Dear Coca-Cola, Do you really work as a hair treatment?  I don’t know, but I am certainly going to find out.

Dear My Sock Drawer, Why were you such a mess? Oh I know why.  Me. But I finally realized that my plan of saving all the socks till they could be reunited again didn’t work.  The socks never reappear once they are lost.   Ever.  You look way better now!

Dear Frozen, Thank you for being the one movie that my kids can always agree on and will always sit nicely together and watch.  I owe you one Elsa and Anna!

Dear West Virginia, Did you know there was a game last night?  I bet you’d like a do-over on that!



Friday’s Letters 6

Dear March Madness, Day 1 is in the books and you did not disappoint! I am looking forward to seeing what Day 2 brings. Hopefully it’s a Michigan State win!

Dear My Brother, Happy early birthday!  And no, the pet resort hasn’t called me.  Your dogs are fine.

Dear WB, I know you think you are ready to give up naps, but you are NOT. No, you are NOT.  If you were ready to be done you wouldn’t be so crabby every afternoon.

Dear Abercrombie Kids, Why are the sleeves so long on all your shirts / jackets?  No seriously.  No 7 year old has arms that long do they? Can someone explain this???

Dear Jamberry Wraps, Although I didn’t do the best job ever applying you, I am shocked to report that you are still on my nails and look exactly the same as you did right after I put you on.  Amazing.

Dear Haute Look, Are you ever going to have another beauty bag for sale?  They were always so good, but there hasn’t been one in ages.  Bring them back!

Dear Spring, Welcome!  We have been waiting for you here in Michigan.  Let’s warm this weather up again!

Dear L, I can’t wait to see your Spring School Pictures!  I know you saw a picture of the outdoor scene they were using, but no, they were not actually taking them outside, so don’t worry, you didn’t miss out ;).

Dear My Local Target,  I know I haven’t been in all week, but I am okay, I swear.  I’ll come see you soon enough.


Friday’s Letters 4

Dear March Madness, It’s nearly time! I am getting way too excited for the Selection Show on Sunday. As usual though I will pick my Spartans to go way too far and will not even come close to winning, but oh well.

Dear L, Allright, fine, you can skip the Chuggington stage show. The look you gave me when I asked you if you wanted to go made your answer clear. LOL. But I know you’d like it if you went, I know it.

Dear Snow, I am happy you are melting, I really am, but now we need to get everything to turn green. Because it looks like a mess right now!

Dear WB, Tonight I am going to count how many times you get out of your bed. I bet the number is insanely high. However, I still have to stop myself from laughing every time because your excuses are so funny.

Dear LinkedIn, I didn’t realize it, but I guess March marks the 4th birthday of Ramblings of a Suburban Mom. Happy Birthday blog!

Dear “Unsubscribe” Button, So I click Unsubscribe to uhh, unsubscribe from getting e-mails from certain places and what do you do? You send me an e-mail letting me know I have been unsubscribed. Thanks for that additional unnecessary e-mail.

Dear Me, Go to bed earlier.  And drink more water.

Dear Peeps Milk, Where are you hiding at?  Not at Target or Kroger that’s for sure.  Are you going to make me hunt you down at WalMart?  Because I will.

Dear Stupid Dress, You are still white and gold.


Friday’s Letters 26

Dear People Who See that Dress as Being Black and Blue, How? This is one thing I will never understand. And frankly, I wish I never would have looked at it. I just do not get it.

Dear WB, No, there is not a frog in your room. No, you do not need a drink of water. No, you are not scared of your Paw Patrol stuffed animal. No, you do not need to tell the dogs something.  But yes, you crack me up.

Dear Spring, Are you ever going to get here?  Please hurry.  We are freezing.

Dear Disney, Do we really need to go see Cinderella to see the new Frozen short?  Isn’t there another way?

Dear “Keychain Access”, You are literally the best thing that ever happened to me. You know how often I forget my passwords?  Every day.  More than once a day at that.  But with you I just need ONE password and then can look up any password I have saved.  Amazing.

Dear Starbucks. I was so excited about your Coconut Milk and then discovered it’s not really coconut milk.  Why?

Dear My Old Teachers on Facebook, Why didn’t I realize how cool you all were when I was in high school?  I mean seriously.

Dear Me, Uhh, how did it take you almost a week to realize that one of your prints on the Gallery Wall was hung sideways?  LOL.

Dear Big Hero 6, Why didn’t anyone warn me about how sad you were? I should have asked L about it before I watched.  He would have warned me.

Dear Llamas That Escaped, OMG, I couldn’t have enjoyed watching you run free any more than I did.  The kids and I were cracking up.  I don’t know if it was funnier to watch you or watch the people trying to catch you.  Awesome.


Friday’s Letters 9

Dear Target, You win, I hit up the Valentine’s Day clearance. I waited till it was 90% off though, so maybe I won?

Dear B, I hope we are still talking this weekend after you hang up my gallery wall with me ;).

Dear The Real World, Have you ever had an episode without a fight? For real. There are some angry people in the real world obviously!

Dear Michigan State, Things are looking up! A few weeks ago I wasn’t sure you’d make the tournament and now I feel like you are going to make a run!

Dear L and WB, I love how you two are becoming so tight! I think you two actually LIKE hanging out with each other. PLEASE let it stay this way.

Dear ipsy, My Glam bag isn’t here yet, so stop sending me e-mails telling me it’s time to review my products!  But I do love how many new reward items you have been putting up!

Dear “Pancake Art”, I see people on Facebook creating these amazing characters out of pancake batter and they make it look SO easy.  However, it’s not.  It just not.  At all.  Don’t be fooled!

Dear Flip-Flop Weather, Listen, you can’t get here soon enough.  This -15 stuff is for the birds.  The fuzzy birds who can stay warm. It’s just too cold for the rest of us, including my dogs, who HATE this.

Dear emojis, Who thinks of you?  Can you talk to whoever made you and get some new ones? We need some fresh stuff!


Friday’s Letters 12

Dear Jenelle and Nathan, Are you really broken up? Really? I am not sure if I will ever believe you two are done for good.

Dear Me, Way to wear your uncharged fitbit and not even notice it wasn’t counting steps. Oops.

Dear WB, I can’t help but wonder if you’ll ever stay in your bed all night. I am guessing no? But when are in my bed (and you aren’t kicking me in the face), you are pretty snuggly, so I don’t mind too much.

Dear The Oscars, Wait. I thought you were on THIS weekend? Why don’t they still have those tv guides in the newspaper anymore? Or do they? I need one.

Dear David Moore, You want to BAN yoga pants? WHAT? No. Just no.

Dear Target, I just realized that your Valentine’s Day clearance will start soon. I had nearly forgotten all about this. I may be losing my touch.

Dear L, I am sorry up-north is out this weekend (-10 degree weather isn’t very good for playing outside), however, I think going to see the SpongeBob movie and spending the night at your Nana and Papa’s house is just as good!  And yes, just like you told Daddy yesterday, I am 22.

Dear My Parents, Happy (early) Anniversary!  You have been married *almost* forever!

Dear Detroit, People don’t give you enough credit, but you are a darn cool city.  Lots of great shops and bars and restaurants.  And of course, great people!

Dear Winter Break, No idea what we are going to do next week to take advantage of the time off school, but I think we are all pretty excited about you!