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Fridays Letters 7

Dear Baxter and Buddy, Professional dog groomers may not agree, but I think the haircuts I gave you yesterday look great! A little uneven maybe, but better than before!

Dear Me, No matter how cute you think other people’s bangs look, DO NOT DO IT. You will like them for about two weeks and then they will start getting in your eyes and you’ll have bang regret. Happens every time.

Dear L, I am sorry that you didn’t get a Golden Ticket yesterday. I know it sucks ;(.

Dear Jen, I cannot believe that you did not know that Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden were married. I expected more from you!

Dear The Superbowl, I wish you were this weekend instead of next weekend. I don’t know if I can take another week of listening to people talk about deflated balls.

Dear Parenthood, I am going to miss you.  I may even start all over from Season 1 to see the shows I missed and try to pretend it’s not over yet.

Dear Socks, I will never understand where you disappear to?  Every time I do laundry I am missing the matches to at least 5 pairs.  It makes no sense.  And it drives me insane.

Dear The Baby in American Sniper, I saw the clips and yeah, you look beyond fake.  Too funny!

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Friday’s Letters 36

Dear ipsy, You guys should send out notifications when you add new items to the ipsyPoints shop! That would be easier than everyone having to just guess (and FYI there were some new items added last night).

Dear Canadians, I am so sad for you that Target is closing. If you need any Target goodies once they are gone, you just let me know and I will be happy to mail them to you! And also, is it crazy that I am thinking of making a run across the border to check out Canadian Target before they close? I mean we used to go across the border to go to the bars over there when we were 19, so why not cross over for Target?

Dear Radar Online, Okay, we get it, Teresa Giudice is in prison. Do we really need two to three updates a day on how she is managing without her hair extensions? The better question here may be why do I read Radar Online 2-3 times a day?

Dear Oscar Nominated Movies, As usual, I have never seen any of you. I don’t even know if you are all out yet? No matter because I probably wouldn’t have watched even if you were out on DVD. Except for American Sniper. Because Bradley Cooper.

Dear WB, Oh WB, you are something else. LOL. Your latest “thing” is to pretend you are asleep when you get in trouble. “WB did you throw that car?” Boom. Eyes closed, thumb in mouth. It’s hysterical. How you can keep a straight face I will never know.

Dear Door to Door Meat Salesman, I was this close to getting meat from you yesterday. This close. I feel like I should try it at least once to see if it’s as amazing as you tell me it is. And also, maybe I should find out where this meat comes from? That might be good to know.

Dear B, Congrats on winning the Chili Cook-Off at work!  You will have some high standards to live up to next year!

Dear L, I just cannot get over how much you have learned already this year.  Your reading is insane.  So so so impressive.

Dear Starbucks, I am coming to see you think weekend and try this “new” Flat White I am hearing about.  Some people love it, others not so much.  We’ll see!

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Friday’s Letters 16

Dear Parenthood, You are awesome. I can’t believe we only have three episodes left together. I’m going to miss you.

Dear Spark, You are a complete live saver. For reals. However, Starbucks, I do miss you.

Dear L’s, School, I don’t know who was more sad that you didn’t cancel yesterday. Him or I? Probably me because he didn’t realize that most of the other schools in the area did close!

Dear Justin Bieber, You do not look as good in your Calvin’s as Marky Mark.  Sorry. Not happening.

Dear DietBet, The more I looked into you, the less sure I am of my love for you. I have no idea how I thought they’d track this over the internet, but there are so many steps to enter!

Dear The News, Thank you for constant reminders on how to drive in the snow. It’s not like anyone. We live in Michigan so you’d think we’d all be familiar with it, but no one on the roads seems to be.

Dear Garth Brooks, Where have I been? You are awesome. Such a lovely man!

Dear Farrah, OMG your lips!  Even though I think you look crazy, you think so as well and seem to have a sense of humor about it, so I didn’t feel too bad when I giggled at your picture.

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Friday’s Letters 13

Dear Michigan State, O.M.G. I cannot believe you did it. Totally amazing. Ahhhhhh!!!!

Dear Cold Weather, Where did you come from? My goodness it’s freezing out. On he bright side though, my sinuses aren’t killing me, so there is something good about you.

Dear Target, How about you go to 90% off Holiday Clearance soon?  Like tomorrow? That would be great.

Dear L, I do not understand how you can play outside for ages and never get cold.  It makes no sense at all, but you really aren’t cold.  At all!

Dear Baxter and Buddy, I love your new Target Dollar Spot winter jackets.  I know Buddy hates it, but I think you both look very handsome.

Dear Gingerbread Houses, I guess we ran out of time before Christmas and never ended up making you.  It looks like we will be making winter cottages instead of gingerbread houses.  Oh well!

Dear B, No, we really are wearing matching pajamas next year.  For real.

Dear New Year’s Eve, You aren’t what you used to be huh?  Back when I was more fun, I used to sleep in and then spend half the day getting ready and pre-drinking for the festivities.  This year I went shopping and found Elf on the Shelf clothes at 70% off and was OMGSOEXCITED about it. Times have changed.

Dear Christmas Tree, How have you only dropped like 5 needles in the four weeks since we got you?  It’s amazing.  And I know it’s not because you are being watered on a regular basis.  That is so not it. I am tempted to leave you up just to see how long you last.  It’s like having a fake Christmas tree!

Dear Awards Season, I am ready for you to start! I’m not too concerned with who wins what, but I do like seeing everyones dresses!

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Friday’s Letters 10

Dear Christmas, You are fun, SO FUN, but I am glad you only happen once a year because you are also exhausting.

Dear Starbucks, How about you sell out of all the mugs I like before I end up buying another one? Thanks!

Dear Santa (and B), You guys did awesome this year. It was so fun having surprise presents to open. That rarely happens!

Dear L, You are a PS4 playing machine. I am impressed that you have taken to the controller so quickly. You are a true gamer now ;).

Dear The Interview, Without all this controversy I never would have watched you right away. I can’t say that you were a great movie, but you were tolerable.

Dear Facebook, You are the best around the holidays.  I love seeing how everyone “does” Christmas.  So many fun posts!

Dear WB, I don’t think you had a clue what went down yesterday, but I think you had a good time.

Dear My Cousin, You throw a great Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.  Complete with themed decorations and prizes for “best” sweater.  I love it!  Let’s do it again next year!

Dear Santa, Thanks for making this my 6 year-olds BEST.CHRISTMAS.EVER.  He doesn’t think anything is ever going to top this year and he might be right, but I’ll always remember the look on his face when he opened up his presents and was genuinely excited about each and every one.  Ahhh, I love it!

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