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PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Resort Box ~ Now Available! 10

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PopSugar Must Have Resort Box

PopSugar Must Have Resort Box

The PopSugar Must Have Resort Box is now available!  This Special Edition PopSugar box is $100 (plus tax) and is a one-time purchase (it’s a totally separate purchase from the monthly PopSugar subscription). According to the website boxes will arrive by 3.31.15 (the conformation says it will ship by 3.31.15, but I am sure they will clarify soon). ETA: I just heard from PopSugar and the box will SHIP by 3.31.15! No spoilers (or coupon codes) have been released yet (other than to say it’s filled with travel inspired favorites) and I am not sure if they will release any spoilers or not.  I suspect it will depend on how fast the box sells out!  Don’t forget that the Target + PopSugar Special Edition box sold out in like 36 hours though, so if want to grab this one, do it now!

Note: The “Featured Brands” showcased on the order page (and above) are from PREVIOUS Special Edition PopSugar Boxes and won’t necessarily appear in this Special Edition Resort box.

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