February 2014 Julep Maven Review ~ The Dramatic Collection + Free Box Code 25 comments

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February 2014 Julep - The Dramatic Collection

February 2014 Julep – The Dramatic Collection

My February 2014 Julep Maven box arrived yesterday and I think I was even more excited to get this one than I have been to get the full collections I have been getting lately.

If you aren’t familiar with Julep, they offer the latest in nail color trends and beauty innovations delivered to your door each month. Boxes are $19.99 and promise a value of $40 or more. You can pick which profile suits you best, but you can also easily switch between them if you see colors in a different style profile you like more.

February 2014 Julep - The Dramatic Collection

The Box

Julep ships via USPS First Class Mail. I think my package took three days to arrive to me? Not too bad, although I thought they used Priority Mail in the past? Does anyone know if that’s juts for the full collections or did they change things up this month?

February 2014 Julep - The Dramatic Collection

First Look

The first look was amazing! I had forgotten I had ordered a new add-ons (two polishes and swatch stickers) this month, so it was even more exciting than I first thought.


The Information Card

The February 2014 Julep Maven selection was “The Dramatic Collection” which is full of “glitz, glam and drama”. I opted for the “Classic With A Twist” Collection this month which included the following:

~Octavia (Classic with a Twist) ($14 / $11.20): Octavia is a smoky indigo crème. Sometimes I see more blue when I look at it. Sometimes I see more purple. I suppose that’s what indigo is though! Great color. Not super dark, but dark enough for me.


Octavia – Classic with a Twist

~Greta (Classic with a Twist) ($14 / $11.20): Great is a loganberry multidimensional micro glitter and is the entire reason I opted for Classic With A Twist this month. It’s gorgeous. Perfect for Valentine’s Day and beyond. So so so gorgeous. Did I mention I liked this one?


Greta – Classic with a Twist

~Love (Bombshell) ($14 / $11.20): Love is a full-coverage gold, pearl & fuchsia micro glitter. If I am not mistaken, Love was a gift from Julep this month that all subscribers got in their box. It’s a good thing because I would have done whatever it took to get this one too! Another gorgeous color! Oh, and the cap on this one is gold unlike any Julep polish cap I have ever seen. It’s my phone case that’s making it look chevron ;).

Love - Bombshell: Full-coverage gold, pearl & fuchsia microglitter

Love – Bombshell

~Eye Sheen Liquid Eyeshadow (Deep Bronze Shimmer) ($18 / $14.40): I opted for the Deep Bronze Shimmer which is gorgeous, but I totally wish I would have gotten that cool shader brush as well. I love the liquid shadow may end up getting a few more because I think they are so fun.


Eye Sheen Liquid Eyeshadow (Deep Bronze Shimmer)

~Cameron (Boho Glam) and Glam Roc (It Girl): I just couldn’t resist these two colors. Glam Roc is a midnight purple & gold stardust (matte glitter), while Cameron is a silver lilac stardust (matte glitter). Both are equally gorgeous and I look forward to testing them out this week!



All totaled, not including my Add-Ons, my February 2014 Julep Maven “Classic With A Twist” box had a value of $60 (or $48 if you are using Maven pricing)! The box itself was $19.95 which works out to about $5 per item which is a great deal (as always).

What was your favorite color (or product) in the box this month and what collection did you opt for?  Did you get any add-ons?  If you are interested in signing up, or just want to learn more, click here.  And, as always, you can use code “FREEBOX” to score your first box FREE (you pay shipping which I think is $3.99).  If you want to see if how you like the Julep colors / formulas, this is the best way!

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  • http://practicallyunperfect.com/ Elizabeth

    I had to skip this month so of course I am jealous. Those glitters are gorgeous.

  • Allie

    If I join Julep and use the Freebox promo code, can I cancel anytime, or am I obligated to order a future month(s)? Thanks!

  • http://www.lovemyrandomness.blogspot.com/ Jenny

    I love the Stardust finish. I’m wearing Glam Roc now. Its really nice and lots of people commented on it while I was out yesterday.

  • Brandy

    I think you flipped the names of your two add ons. I got Glam Roc in my box and its the purple one.

  • Jennifer

    Thank you!

  • Jennifer

    They are gorgeous!!!

  • Jennifer

    You can cancel anytime, but you do need to call to cancel. You can’t do it online!

  • Jennifer

    Fingers crossed you can pick some of these glitters up in one of their warehouse sales!

  • Kristin

    I am wearing Love right now. I am not a huge fan of gold hut I love this one.

  • https://absolutelyextraordinary.wordpress.com/ Bethany

    These are all super pretty. I realized the other day that apparently my husband tossed all my old nail polishes in our move and I have TWO bottles to my name. It makes me want to join Julep but I’m wary now because of the no-skip change for newbies. But I love these!

  • Jennifer

    I really hope they change that no skip thing!

  • Jordan M

    Included in the box was a code to get 10% off eye sheens, so you could use that to buy the other three colors. There was also a code to receive the gel eye liner and brush liner for 20% off.

  • Jennifer

    I don’t know that I got those. I got the nail polish code??

  • Rebecca

    I don’t want to commit to the subscription, but I am going to pick one of the polishes up from their sale that’s going on now. I’m excited! I’ve been wanting to try one, but I didn’t want to pay $14 for one at Sephora. How often do they have warehouse sales?

  • Jennifer

    I feel like it’s twice a year, but I might be off on that???

  • Rebecca

    Thanks! Also, do you have any codes besides the one for a free box?

  • Jennifer

    “BEMINE” will get you two full sized polishes for the price of one.
    “SHEEN10″ will get you 10% off eye sheen
    “ALIST20″ will get you 20% Off A-List Eyeliner Duo.

    Hope this helps!

  • Michelle

    I love the “Classic with a Twist” colors! I opted for the bombshell box, but your review is making me wish otherwise! I also love that Julep is now doing stardust finishes for their polishes, that seems to be the new thing!

    -Michelle @ MichelleNguyenPreMD

  • Jordan McEntaffer

    Extra 20% off Ink Gel Eyeliner and Angled Liner Brush with code ALIST20. Extra 10% off Eye Sheens with code Sheen10. The codes were on the Dramatic Collection info card.

  • Jennifer


  • Jennifer

    Did you see the mystery box? Love those colors too! So many great ones lately!

  • http://sleepymelssubscriptions.blogspot.com/ Mel

    I got the full collection and it did ship 2 day priority. It’s still not here. It seems to have taken the scenic route. But it looks like you’re right – the full collection ships priority.

  • Jennifer

    My Stitch Fix took the scenic FedEx trip this month too!

  • Elizabeth

    I just joined and am waiting for my starter box!

    I do have a question – how difficult are the julep polishes to remove? I think they are so beautiful but I am a little worried about that. Any tips to easily remove dark or glittery polishes?

  • Jennifer

    I have the worst trouble with glittery polish. I swear Julep just came out with something for glitter polish, but I’ve never tried it.