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The Bouqs

The Bouqs – Frosty

When the folks over at The Bouqs contacted me and asked if I’d want to review another Bouq, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. The Bouqs, in case you aren’t familiar, deliver farm fresh flowers straight to your door. This means that you’ll receive the flowers 2-4 days after they are cut, instead of the 10-14 days you’d get with traditional flower deliver services.  They offer both a monthly subscription service (I dream of B getting this for me) and one time deliveries.

The Bouqs

The Box

The Bouqs ships via FedEx directly from South America.  It took *maybe* 4 days for my box to arrive, which is quite remarkable considering that it cleared customs and traveled thousands of miles in the time that some of my packages take to move one state to the next.  The Bouqs used to require signature delivery but it appears that this is no longer the case as my box was just sitting outside my door yesterday.

The Bouqs

FIrst Look

I opted for the double “Frosty” bouq which is a 16 white ranunculus with green ruscus and is priced at $50.  The original Bouq is $40 and includes 8 ranunculus, so clearly the double Bouq is the way to go on this one.  In comparison an original rose bouq includes a dozen roses, while a double bouq of roses contains two dozen flowers.  The number of flowers you will receive varies on the type of flowers selected, but it is all clearly spelled out on the website.

The Bouqs

Out of the Box

The Bouqs

Getting Ready to Unwrap

Everything was packaging very securely and took some work to unbox!  No flowers were broken or injured so clearly their packing works.

The Bouqs

Keeping them Cool

The stems are wrapped in plastic and soaked in water to make sure they stay perfectly fresh.  The stems you see to the right that are the greens in the box and are not wrapped.

The Bouqs


How gorgeous are these?  Seriously.  I picked white flowers on purpose this time because they were not only wintery, but also because I wanted to really see the quality of them.  These are snow white.  No brown spots, dead leaves, etc.

The Bouqs

The Flowers

I took this picture of the flowers yesterday after I arranged them all (I didn’t use all of the greens) and they were still opening up.  The picture from the top is this morning when opened up even more.  I cannot wait to see what they are going to look like in a few days.  I predict they will be even more stunning and I will add a picture if I remember.  With my last Bouq I did a day-to-day post on what my roses (I picked The Killer) looked like every morning and as you can see here, they lasted FOREVER!

What do you think of The Bouqs?   Which Bouq is your favorite? Interested in subscribing to their monthly subscription service (you’ll save 10% off each Bouq) or just want to order a Bouq?  Click here to get signed up or just to check out all the amazing Bouqs!

Disclosure: My Bouq was received for review purposes. No compensation was received for this post and all opinions are my own.  This post does contain affiliate links!
  • Angela D.

    this must be the most romantic gift idea ever… im going to fantasize what my office would look like for the remainder of the day.

  • Jennifer

    Ahhh, I know right??? GORGEOUS flowers.

  • Ashley C.

    Goodness — I love ranunculus! If I had had a typical wedding, and picked a bouquet, they would have been in it, for sure!!

  • Lauren

    I looooove fresh flowers! Oh man I would love this!

  • Barbie

    Wow! Those are some of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen! You are so lucky to have them!

  • Jennifer

    Aren’t they gorgeous?? I love looking at them!

  • Jennifer

    Sooo pretty!!

  • Jennifer

    You could always get married again??? Lol!!

  • Sophie

    I love ranunculus! Maybe these will make an appearance on your 12 days of giveaways, eh??

  • Jennifer

    Now that’s an idea!!!! ;)

  • Aimee A

    Those are so beautiful!

  • Kristie

    Oh my goodness! I’ve never heard of this subscription before, but I think I’m in LOVE! Those are truly beautiful!!! I’m definitely going to be checking into this!

    Can’t Stop Subscribing

  • Jennifer

    Soo pretty!

  • Stephanie T

    I’ve been treating myself to a Bouqs subscription for several months now and I love it. The flowers are always beautiful, fresh and last longer than grocery store bouquets. I get the double and it’s usually so many flowers that I share them with a neighbor. Because I’m a regular subscriber, I get $7.50 off each month which is cheaper than a florist or getting close to the price of a deluxe grocery store bunch. Enjoy, those are beautiful!

  • Jennifer

    What has been your favorite Bouq so far???

  • Stephanie T

    I think it might be the White Calla Lilies. I had company that week and they were wowed. I’m subscribed to the growers choice so it is supposed to be different every month. However, I received the Rise and Shine last month which was perfect for Thanksgiving, and this morning I got the notification for next weeks bouquet and it’s the same one. I wish it was something more Christmassy. I’m not sure I can request a chance this close to the delivery which is next Tuesday. I really like you ranunculas. I hope to get those some time!

  • Jennifer

    They must really like the Rise and Shine huh? Ohhh, I was deciding between this and Calla Lillies. I hope you get the ranunculus soon!

  • Jennifer

    They are even better in person. I swear!

  • Sher

    Just gorgeous!

  • Renae C.

    I ordered these as a gift for my grandparents and they loved them! They arrived on Christmas Eve and they are still doing well, so I am shocked that they have lasted this long!

  • Jennifer

    Ahhh!! Did you get the Ranunculus too? The Bouqs is seriously the best!!!

  • Renae C.

    Yes, they got the Ranunculus and loved them. All their friends were telling them how unique and beautiful they were! Favorite Granddaughter, right here! ;)

  • erika

    Do they come with a vase at all?

  • Jennifer

    Nope, no vase.

  • jb

    I would not recommend the the peace or the diamonds. my peace ones were suppose to be white roses with purple flower and they were all white and both sets were very wilted. ( i say mine but i ordered them for my mom for mothers day and she received them this morning. if you do get the diamonds and they are not wilted they have a beautiful smell.

  • Sara L.

    I got my first “Bouqs” the other day and LOVED it. Couldn’t agree more with the great product and ethos of the company. I went with Mini Callas which is a smaller bouquet for sure (bouq, heh) but super elegant and beautiful. Thanks for the great find!