Advocare 24-Day Challenge Meal Ideas! 7 comments

So you are doing the Advocare 24-Day Challenge (or the 10 Day Cleanse) and you have your booklet and you got the grocery shopping list, but you still wonder, what do I eat?
Here are a few of the ideas I have planned:

~Egg White Omelette (Egg Whites, Diced Peppers, Diced Tomatoes and Spinach). (We all know cooking isn’t my thing, so I just pop everything into the Tupperware Breakfast Maker, microwave it for a few minutes and boom, breakfast is ready.)
~Hard boiled eggs and a piece of fruit.
~Oatmeal (I will like this, I will like this) and fruit.
~Meal Replacement Shakes (I’m saving mine for days 11-24, but if you are in a time crunch, they totally will work).

~Chopped Salad (Romaine, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, peppers, avocado, hard boiled eggs and grilled chicken / tuna).  If you chop it good enough, you won’t even miss the dressing.  I swear. (pretty sure I will eat one of these every day).
~Tuna Salad / Egg Salad (Use canola mayo)
~Turkey & Avocado Wrap
~Dinner leftovers

~Grilled chicken, steamed vegetables and quinoa (this will be our go to meal)
~Gilled salmon, asparagus and black beans
~Turkey Lettuce Wraps
~Wahoo Bowl (grilled tilapia, brown rice and black beans topped with pico de gallo) (stolen from here).

~Apples & Natural Peanut Butter / Almond Butter
~Raw Almonds
~Hard Boiled Eggs (boil a lot of eggs to prepare)
~Banana “Ice-Cream”
~Carrots & Hummus
~Muscle Gain (B is going to need this I am sure)

Things to Avoid:
~Fried Foods
~Creamy Sauces
~White Flour
~Processed Foods

These are some of my meal and snack ideas, but there are certainly a million others out there!  I’m planning on keeping it super simple and not going all crazy having B experiment with new recipes.  I want to make sure that we have a yummy meal on the table in a reasonable amount of time so we don’t try and cheat ;).

If you don’t feel like bookmarking this and want to reference it during the Challenge or order, I added it (and other Advocare stuff) to the menu bar above.

Where to find the info

What are some of your favorite “clean” snacks and meals?  Even if you aren’t doing the challenge, please share some of your ideas!

  • Elizabeth

    Have you tried steel cut oatmeal? It is more like chewy rice and the only oatmeal I will eat. It takes a longer cooking time but I just double the batch, stick half in the fridge to microwave the next morning. I love it with chia seeds, maple syrup, banana slices, and walnuts. Or apple chunks, honey, and cinnamon!

  • Gina F.

    I definitely want to try this. So helpful to have all your tips! Thanks!

  • Courtney Lane

    This is great! You’re making it so easy for everyone! Do you soak your almonds in water before eating them? I found that doing that makes them soooo much better. Brings out a vanilla-y taste!

  • Advocarerunner

    Girl you are rocking! Great suggestions! I’ll add some in just a jiffy!

  • Danielle Mason

    We’re on day 3! Thanks for making it simple for me! Lots of ideas, recipes, stories, blogs, and data in general out there!

  • Nicole

    Is pure maple syrup with in the 24 day challenge when used sparingly?

  • Jennifer

    I know some of the challenge recipes call for it, so it should be fine!