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Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh

I received a Hello Fresh gift card in my pickybunny box and I was so excited because it was something I’d been wanting to check out. Hello Fresh is a weekly (although you can adjust this to skip weeks if you want) meal subscription box service. Every week, you can pick the delicious recipes you want to try (except for under the veggie meal plan) and Hello Fresh sends you amazing recipes and all of the ingredients you need to prepare them.

Hello Fresh

The Box

Hello Fresh ships via FedEx and arrives on a scheduled day (mine is Thursday), so you know exactly when to expect it. I did not have to sign for the package, but you may not want to let it sit outside all day you know?

Hello Fresh

First Look

Hello Fresh

Second First Look

Everything was packed in a very well insulated cooler which fit perfect in the box.  The cooler had ice packs which were still frozen when it arrived.  I was very pleased by this since the box contains fresh meat and yeah, I don’t want to have ANY concerns that it has not been maintained at the correct temperature.

I picked the regular meal plan (not the veggie meal plan) and had 5 options to pick from.  I cannot remember what the other two were, but the three I opted for are below:

Asian Pork Roll-Ups: I was most excited about this one because it’s totally something I would order at a restaurant.

Hello Fresh

Asian Pork Roll-ups with Mango Salad

The information card lists all of the ingredients, nutrition facts and lets you know what tools you need to make the meal.  The flip side of the card includes step by step instructions to prepare the meal.

Hello Fresh

Asian Pork Roll-ups with Mango Salad – The Ingredients

Hello Fresh packages everything into individual bags and labels everything so you easily know what items are for what recipe.  Also, everything is perfectly portioned so you will not have any waste.

Hello Fresh

Asian Pork Roll-ups with Mango Salad – The Result

This was the first meal we (aka B) made and it turned out perfect!  B even commented on how cool it was and how much he enjoyed making it.  And I can confirm that this was delicious.  Totally delicious!  I would totally get this again.  And again!

~Linguini with Tomato Garlic Ragu: This was another meal I knew right away was for us! I am obsessed with pasta and could eat it every single day.

Hello Fresh

Linguini with Tomato Garlic Ragu

Again, the information card tells you everything you need to know about the recipe.  The instructions are so simple that even I could follow them.

Hello Fresh

Linguini with Tomato Garlic Ragu – The Ingredients

I don’t think I realized that a serving of pasta was that small!  I’ll just admit that I usually cook up an entire box at once.  This is going to change!

Hello Fresh

Linguini with Tomato Garlic Ragu – The Result

We had this for dinner last night and oh boy was it good!  It had a bit of a kick to it, but B and I ate every single bite.  The pine nuts were a great addition and totally not something we would have added on our own.  We are totally guilty of just eating the basic old recipes and never really make restaurant type foods, which is what you get with Hello Fresh!

~Pan Roasted Cod with Ramps, Tomatoes & Potatoes: I wasn’t sure what to get for the 3rd meal, but I ended up going with a fish dish.  I was super curious to see what the quality of the fish would be like.  Is that weird?

Hello Fresh

Pan Roasted Cod with Ramps, Tomatoes & Potatoes

If you don’t see from what I have posted, I need to tell you that the quality of the produce, meats, fruits, etc. are exactly like they appear on the Hello Fresh website and the recipe cards.  There is no waiting for anything to ripen or getting anything which is past it’s prime.

Pan Roasted Cod with Ramps, Tomatoes & Potatoes ~ The Ingredients

We are having this for dinner tonight and I will post a picture on Instagram after B makes it.  I thought it was so cute that they even include the butter for the potatoes!  They assume you have NOTHING (except olive oil), which I like.  I mean sometimes we actually have no butter in the house, so this is good!

By my calculations, Hello Fresh works out to $12/meal per person (it’s $69/week for 2 people and also has options for 4 and 6 servings per meal), which I think is a pretty fair since it’s less than what’d you pay in a restaurant for sure.  AND it takes all the hassle out of shopping and planning and all that!  I don’t think we’ll do it every week, but B and I decided for sure once every two weeks because we enjoyed it so much!

Do you subscribe to Hello Fresh?  What do you think of their service?  If you are interested in subscribing or want to learn more, click here.  And don’t forget to use the code “aHELLOJUNE” to save $20 off your first box.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.
  • http://onjasoncourt.blogspot.com/ Danielle

    This is sort of like dream dinners, but way less work since you have to go there and package the food into portions yourself! My mum did the dream dinners for me and my husband at the end of my pregnancy and the first few weeks after the baby was born.

  • Sandra

    I like the concept of this box and the recipes look delicious. But I just checked the website and they do not deliver to the West Coast or any state approximately west of the Mississippi River.

  • Glenda

    So, did it really take 30 minutes or less to prepare? I need something like this (as long as it isn’t too much work)!

  • Whitney

    I was so upset to find out they are only available on the EAST coast. Come to California Hello Fresh!!!

  • http://maryqin.com Mary Q.

    Yummy! This would be really cool to try, though definitely not within the budget for the near future.

  • Jen

    They don’t deliver to Wisconsin! Bummer — looked great for busy nights :)

  • Lauren

    Looks awesome! But I think I said before, I’m out of their delivery range! Booo! Lol. Or I would totally order it RIGHT now! Love it!

  • jamie

    I wish this wasnt as great as it was, since I am on the west coast I cant get it and after your review I feel as though I really really want it.

    glad to hear you enjoyed it what a great date night in idea

  • http://berrymorinbits.blogspot.com/ Rona B

    My husband and I saw a YouTube video and were really interested in trying it. As several have already mentioned they do not deliver to the west coast. We’ll just have to wait for them or a similar company to start serving this side.

  • Lorelei

    @Jen: try Meez meals if near the border of il/wi or blue apron I believe delivers to Wi.

  • http://armywifeshopper.blogspot.com/ carol

    I broke down and ordered one. I did the meal for two but since its just me I can eat all week and it was only 49.00 because I had a code. Not bad I can eat for a week on 49 I hope its good. Will they send me a list to pick from before it comes or do they pick and send?

  • http://armywifeshopper.blogspot.com/ carol

    I swear I have the worst luck. I order the box and picked my meals but when they showed up today it was the wrong stuff !!!! Good grief I cant believe my luck. They sent shrimp which I don’t eat and all the other meals are wrong too. I’m wondering if I got someone elses box? Has anyone gotten theirs this month? and did you pick your meals? thanks guys I love this blog

  • braldt

    DO NOT USE HELLOFRESH.COM ……tried for 3 weeks …. week one missing one minor ingredient …week 2 missing major meat ingredient …week 3 no box came at all ….told it was a glich in their system ..hellofresh now canceled!

  • Tracey

    Hello Fresh has been great for me. Easy tasty meals weekly. I don’t have to rush out of work to go grocery shopping anymore. Here’s another code to use for $20 off first order. Y8WPXK

  • Lauren

    Did they pay you to write this review? I tried them as was really disappointed! The onion was half rotten, the meat was so greasy it made me sick. And it is really expensive!

  • Catherine Adkins

    Well, I truly do not know where to begin. WARNING!! Hello Fresh? Hello? First, no one answers the phone if you have a problem or complaint or just have a question. I called NINE times on Sept 19th. I sent at least that many emails. NO RESPONSE. I was billed before the agreed upon date. That was a shocker! Oh, I was told they had changed the billing date from Friday to Weds. I was able to provide proof that my invoice clearly stated Friday and was told that was an oops and would be updated. Then I was told I could not get a refund due to their unauthorized charge to my account. In a nutshell, my husband and I are saying Good Bye to Hello Fresh.

  • http://www.hellofresh.com/ Mauricemom

    Here is a coupon code….for those wanting to try it. You save 20 bucks HTXSU5

  • Stephanie

    I don’t suggest using this service. Some ingredients in my box were spoiled and one ingredient was past expiration. I tried to get a refund and instead they gave a credit which would mean a would be spending more money to this terrible company.

  • sue

    I thought I would give it a try, but I see no where to pick the meals until possibly AFTER YOU HAVE PAID. I will not pay before I know if there are 3 meals my family will eat!!

  • Jennifer

    I am not sure how it works with the voucher, but you can usually skip weeks until you see options you are interested in!

  • Kristen

    They do deliver to wisconsin, I just placed my order.

  • Cindy

    No Way! I will not use Hello Fresh. It should be called Hello Suckers!

  • Judy

    We just had our fist box (3 meals) delivered. insulated packaging included two big freezer packs to keep it all cold for an extended period of time. Everything is super-fresh, good quality (e.g., Murray’s chicken), already prepped, precisely measured. One great bonus to this service is that you get just enough of what you would otherwise have to purchase a lot of (e.g., sprigs of thyme). Very clear instructions, including clear illustrative photos (e.g., how to lay out the meal of the baking sheet). Delicious meals with ingredients that I otherwise might not have considered. Not expensive; relatively cheap in fact if you consider what your dish would cost in a restaurant. Drawbacks: extended delivery time. This service is intended at least in part for busy people. A 12 hour delivery window is too long. My emails to the company were answered immediately and the people were very helpful. But it would be good to be able to reach someone by phone, for example if you have a question about a recipe. I guess this will come as the company grows. Otherwise, I was really satisfied with the product, which is the main thing, after all.

  • Kathy Elliott

    Portion sizes are super small. The protein portion (chicken, fish, sausage, beef) is only 2 ounces. Some of the recipes take quite a bit of time to prepare. The canned beans are the cheapest brand. The produce was fresh, though. Not bad tasting, but for close to $11 per meal is quite expensive for such small portions. Cancelled after my first order, can not afford this.

  • http://pixelita.com/ Joni

    You can view the past, current and next week’s five meal selections (each for omnivore and vegan) without logging in or spending a dime. That gives you an idea what you have to choose from. This is my first time ordering and I had a generous $40 off coupon. Sadly, the last week’s offerings seemed to appeal to me better. A day late and a dollar short. I ended up choosing a pasta dish, an Asian dish and a shrimp dish. (Ironically, for my week, they had the option for chilies rellenos, but my housekeeper makes the best ones ever, so that is completely off the table for me!) I don’t know if I will be able to justify $70 a week for this, but at $30 a week, it is something good to try. Will let you know how it goes.

  • Jenny

    I agree DO NOT use this meal service. I consistently received rotten greens. Hello NOT so fresh. I did not receive anything that seemed worth the purchase price. The meals are not particularly family friendly. My kids wouldn’t touch it. It was difficult to cancel and impossible to speak to a person. Call the 1-800 number on their web site and it will ring endlessly.

  • DontCAre

    here is a $40 voucher code that i dont want to use. Hope it helps someone out.

  • kim

    They do now! I am in CA, Sacramento!

  • Dori

    I also got a $40 voucher when I placed an order to another store; and this is just not something I’m interested in at this time.

    First come, first serve to whoever wants it:


  • Shannon

    This isn’t something I can use but I did receive a code for a large percentage off. The code is NATIONAL45 if anyone would like to use it. I think it can be used by multiple people.

  • heather

    I just ordered my first box after getting the $40 off card, and I really hope it doesnt suck as bad as some of these people are saying! Maybe they have improved? Anyhow I never intended on keeping the deal going, because I love to cook. Just thought the one time deal would be a nice break.

  • Beck

    I’d love to know how that works out. I was thinking of doing the same thing.

  • Heidi Gregori

    Hello Fresh is HORRIBLE! The packaging is SO WASTEFUL, every ingredient is in a separate piece of plastic, not to mention the toxic ice bags and huge Styrofoam container it comes in. The food is not that special, and the recipes only so-so. Hated it!

  • Andromache

    I’ve been using HelloFresh for a few months now. Like the author, we don’t do it every week–but order a couple of times a month to help out on busy nights. We have been getting the veggie option–3 meals for 2 people. I found it stretches pretty far (more than 3 meals) because I usually add chicken or another protein, so figure it more like 5 meals for $60, plus $10 worth of chicken, beef, or pork, making it about $70 for 5 meals, or $14 per meal/$7 per person. Still cheaper and better than gross fast food, and a chance to try new things/vegetables we can’t get here in our rural community. I chose the veggie box in an attempt to get my family of 3 to eat more vegetables. I just now switched over to the non-veggie box. Lately, there have been a lot of beets and cauliflower, which aren’t our faves, so I decided to switch for a while. Generally, my teen doesn’t like the food, although he’s tried a few things. I’ve only gotten slightly stale greens once–everything else was good. The only recipe we really found horrible were the paper-wrapper spring rolls. Spouse said they looked like dead, decaying squid–and he was kinda right. :)

  • ICanCookNow

    Hi there all!

    I just signed up for Hello Fresh and I LOVE it! I’m finally cooking at home most nights instead of paying to go out for unhealthy prepared meals! I recommend it for sure. Use code UDFFBH to get $40 off your first box! ^_^ (Code never expires)

    Happy cooking!


  • BookMaven

    Really disappointed. Tried it with the $40 off coupon, and glad we didn’t pay full price! Portions are small, so if you want leftovers, you’ll have to pay for the 4-person meals. The meat was lower-quality than what I can buy locally, and the dishes were ok, but nothing spectacular. For $12/person, it’s a lot less expensive to do some simple meal planning and buy ingredients at the store.

  • Aimee

    I subscribed to Hello Fresh in Oct. 2014 and have really enjoyed it. I don’t get a box each week, which I like. You can skip weeks. I usually get one box per month. Use the code EY6D28, and receive $40 off your first box. I have not had any problems with spoiled or missing items.

  • Jackie Wood

    I ordered a Hello Fresh box to try it with a discount code. I got my first box delivered for $41.60 in January 2015. The box arrived today and I’m very happy with it!! The food was well packaged with 2 ice bags in a styrofoam cooler, it had no leaks, and it looks very fresh. I got a chicken entree, a pork entrée and a seared steak entrée. All of the vegetables look plentiful and very fresh. The meat is sealed in vacuum bags they look to be about 5 ounce portions. They look like really good cuts of meat. All of the fixin’s come in the box except for basic pantry items like salt, pepper, olive oil and butter. The recipe cards are beautiful and show us exactly how to prepare each meal step by step with pictures. I haven’t cooked any of them yet, but from just reading the recipe cards I can tell they will be tasty. An awesome concept for people who don’t have a lot of time to shop, or for people who don’t have a large variety of foods near them. When you place your first order, you can go to the calendar and delay your next 3 or 4 shipments to give you time to decide if you like it. A+++ give it a try.

  • kenpodon

    Here’s a $40 voucher code for hellofresh I got with my Omaha Steaks order, I hope you can use it:

  • DeeDee

    Wait until you have a problem and then try to call them for assistance at 1-800-733-2414 and get their constant repeated message to email them and they will contact you. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! I like this company, too, however, my first shipment I was not able to choose my products, it was chosen for me with 2 meals which were not to my liking. Second box came immediately with one of the chicken breasts missing (leaving me with one chicken breast for 2 people – not enough). So for over one-week with constant emails which I had sent to get this issue resolved; as you could never reach them by telephone, I have not heard from them to this day. This is no way to run a business and leave ones clientele in the dark in guessing what is going on. When something needs to be addressed and immediately, then I expect a quick reply, and email messages don’t cut it. I had no other recourse except to call my credit card company and make a claim dispute on my food items. All I want is for someone to contact me and hear my complaint and make amends on it, which I think is quite legitimate, and I can’t even get that. If you don’t agree, then try making a call right now from their “1-800″ number, and see if you don’t get a recording to email them. Then what would be next for you to do?

  • Dee Dee

    No, I wasn’t able to pick my meals. I did check off the ones I wanted, and thought I would get them. However, when my box arrived, I got meal items I never had chosen. I was very disappointed, especially when my “cod fish” which I had 2 fillets, one was already cooked and was like leather. I’m still trying to get some action here in having them help me, but all I get when I call their toll free number is a recording.

  • theramblingjen

    How long ago did you e-mail them? I would try their Facebook next!