March PopSugar Must Have Box **SPOILERS**

PopSugar Must Have
Eeeek! I cannot believe how early we are getting spoilers for the March PopSugar Must Have Box! Crazy right??

Here’s what’s inside:
~Heather Belle Signature Tassle Necklace ($85 – $95): Thanks to my friend over at Pages, Pucks and Pantry, we know know it’s not a bracelet, it’s a necklace.   And thanks to the ladies at MUT, we have a screenshot of it!  Woot woot!
~Peeps ($1)
~Corkatoo Corkscrew ($14)
~The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo ($19)
~Buxom Mascara ($19)
~The New Black Nail Polish ($10)
~Hollywood Fashion Secrets Sweater Saver ($6)
~Hollywood Fashion Secrets Tape Assortment Pack (like Birchbox once gave out).

All totaled I came up with a value of $154.  Thought on the March Must Have Box?  As always, I will include my thoughts when I get this box in my hot little hands!

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  • MeaganS

    Phew! I feel like I dodged another bullet by not buying this box. It wouldn’t be so bag for $20 or so but $35 is way too much. I think I just need to give up on this box ever being good again :(

  • Meagan

    I like it but all the sweater stuff made me hope there was some cashmere involved rather than a bracelet. Still can’t wait to get mine :D

  • Courtney

    Wow, this is crazy fast! It’s not even the 10th! I don’t know how I feel yet….I’m gonna go research some of the items. This is my last box though because I’m quitting my job in May and need to cut out all extra spending. :(

  • Shelby

    Not too thrilled with this box. I would’ve rather paid $20 not $35. This is probably the last one for me.

  • Alison

    I tried not to look at this post but I couldn’t stop myself! I am excited to get this box. I signed up for 3 months – and I think by my 3rd I’ll have my fix, and I’ll be ready to cancel it.

  • nichole budnick

    I am excited! I randomly got two boxes last month and i am not sure why?

  • Amber

    We signed up for our first PopSugar box and are on the waiting list for this one. I wouldn’t mind getting it at all. Nice little assortment.

  • Elzabeth

    Not excited about this box. :/ Won’t use most of it. Why a sweater saver and wool shampoo when it’s almost Spring?!!

  • Sophia

    The Heather Belle bracelet will be making or breaking the box for me.. I *think* I get my box today or tomorrow! Also love that you were just saying you needed more peeps for your jars and voila!

  • Angela Williams

    It depends on the type of jewelry but this is a really good box! I’m hoping to get it…I think I ordered my first box right after the cut off and if there are any leftovers I may get the March box late instead of April. I need a new bottle opener and buxom mascara :) People will always complain but if Popsugar keeps this up it may be my favorite box.

  • Brianna

    I just hope that the bracelet isn’t one of the cuffs like in the luxury box – mind was tarnished and bent out of shape!

    I am excited about the mascara most of all – I am in need of a new one to try.

    Jennifer – did you see about the FabFitFun box? I got an email yesterday – and of course immediately subscribed. I am obsessed now with sub boxes!

  • Christina G

    This will be my 2nd box and I’ve been happy with them. This one looks fun & lots of stuff I’ll definitely use! I guess my expectations aren’t as high as other people because I’m newer to this box so I didn’t get all the ones from last year that everyone was so crazy over. Either way, it’s worth the value to me and fun stuff I wouldn’t normally buy for myself.

  • Megan

    Apparently, you have to be named Me(a)gan to comment!

    This will be my first box, and this makes me EXCITED! I was hoping for something St. Patty’s day related, but this looks awesome. All stuff I will use.

  • Stephanie Bradshaw

    Whoohoo, I’m stoked about this box!!! I cannot wait to get it!!! Thanks again for the spoilers!!!!

  • Mrs. L

    Mine was just delivered! It’s not a bracelet but the Heather Belle Signature Tassel Necklace (I actually like it and unlike the bracelets we’ve been getting, this fits!).

    My “New Black” nail polish colors were green and blue. I’m a little to old for that so I’m going to have to find a friend to give them to.

    My corkscrew is blue.

    The box also included an extra of “Hollywoods Fashion Secrets Fashion Tape Assortment Pack”.

  • Jill J.

    I’m not super excited about this one but it’s still good. And still better than just getting samples of random products. I like all the HB stuff…I would be happy with any of it!

    Classy with a Kick

  • Arrie

    I’m excited for this box! I love random stuff that I wouldn’t normally buy myself!

  • Alena P

    I read such mixed reviews on this box, but decided to try it anyway. I signed up a little too late for this box (they said I would be receiving the April box, which is a bummer!) I hope to hear some better reviews or I might be very disappointed! :)

  • Tiffany

    YAY thanks for always posting spoilers! Sometimes I try to stalk the Popsugar forum over at MUT but it’s way easier to wait for you to post pictures in a nice little collage :)
    I don’t get the box, but there’s always 1-2 things I love from each box that I will end up getting for myself, or saving as a gift idea (like those Bodum mugs from the December box …my friend loved them!!)

  • Judy Louie

    @Brianna: Did you see that there was a coupon code for 20% off for the FabFitFun VIP box? FAB48 was the code.

  • Kira

    I like this box…though I wish the necklace was silver!

  • Brianna

    @Judy Louie:

    I did use it, thanks Judy :)

  • delilah

    I’m excited for this box! I’ve became obsessed with cashmere sweaters this winter and just purchased the same cashmere shampoo last month. I didn’t get a chance to use it yet, and since it will be part of this Popsugar box, I can return it! lol.

  • Kim

    This one doesn’t look too exciting for me. I definatly love mascara but I have so much now because of all my subscriptions. Same goes for nail polish! Don’t really care for any of the other stuff either…at least not enough to make it worth it. Oh well. I just signed up for the fabfitfun box through your link. I couldn’t resist with a coupon code. I clicked “join” just as my husband randomly said from the other room, “so you cut back on your subscriptions this month?” Um…sure :)

  • Victoria

    I am super excited for this box. I’ve been reading your spoilers for a few months and am very thankful for them. I just don’t like surprises :) I’ve been looking for this sweater saver everywhere! I love the mascara and nail polish. My box is coming today!

  • Kristin

    Wow–this seems early! Did we get shipment confirmation e-mails yet? I really do not want to cancel Pop! I love the surprise every month. But, once again, I am just not loving it! I wish they would go back to what they had last September! That was so amazing!

  • Alison Weeks

    Wish I had the disposable income to get these boxes still! This month looks pretty good. You’ll love the mascara, it’s my favorite and all I use now.

  • Chris

    Ugh. This is my first PS box and I think it SUCKS. The necklace is awful and my sweaters are just fine with Woolite. I would have used the nail pictured polish above, but I got what looks like “Pandemonium” colors. Dark blue and a beige. Blech. I cancelled my Birchbox for this. Bad choice.

  • Natasha

    I loved this box. It’s too bad more people don’t get into the spirit of the box. If you don’t have the disposable income, this isn’t for you. I would never buy all the things in the box – that’s the point! I will definitely use them, if just to try them. Each box is an adventure and it makes my day whenever I get home from a boring day of work to find a box full of random things I would never buy for myself waiting for me. I used my new wine opener to open a bottle of wine and shoved all the peeps in my mouth to add to my buoyant mood. While I don’t look forward to washing and storing my sweaters – I DO look forward to my new cedar sweater wash and spring!!!

  • Chelsey

    This can’t be right, where is the scarf from the spoiler?

  • Jennifer

    This is from 2013.