Random Ramblings

~First of all, I am hoping that today is the day for Target’s 90% of Christmas / Holiday clearance to start! I wanted it to be yesterday, but since that didn’t happen, I am hoping for today. I have done all my pre-game scouting at my local Target’s and I am ready for the games to begin!  Update: It’s still only 70% off ;(.

~L saw an infomercial for the Ice Cream Magic and will not stop talking about it.  Every time the commercial comes on, we have to stop what we are doing and gawk at these kids on tv making ice cream.  In ice cream cones.  This seems to be a new “As Seen On TV” item, but maybe someone out there has bought it and can tell me if it really works.  I personally think it sounds super cool, but I do hang out with L a lot, so maybe my judgement isn’t so good?

image credit: Ice Cream Magic

~It’s no secret on here that I look to see what people are searching for to land on my blog, what pictures people are looking at, etc.  And in a matter of days, this picture is now one of the most downloaded pictures ever on the blog.  I am glad you all enjoyed it.  And for those of you who can’t believe B let me post it, you don’t know B.  I mean he ran the Warrior Dash in these tiny little orange swim trunks, so this is nothing.

Santa B

~I am very excited for MTV’s new show “Buckwild” that’s on tonight.  It’s sounds dumber than dumb I am think it’s going to be right up my alley.  Is anyone else planning to watch?  I need to DVR it too.  Somehow my children (well really just WB) can sense when I want to watch a fine piece of television like this and decides to wake up and scream super loud.  And then proceeds to giggle and laugh as soon as I walk in his room.  I’m on to him now though and will be setting the DVR.

image credit: Radar Online

~WB ate Cheerio’s for the first time yesterday and he loved them!  He’s way more interested in any food / drink that we are eating than he is in his bottles or his baby food. I used to think babies who didn’t like bottles were just a myth. Until WB came along ;).  He’s too busy to be bothered with that.  He wants to feed himself and eat real food and be a big boy.

It may look like a lot, but WB makes quick work of snack foods.

~B and L and L’s friend (and Buddy) played out in the snow the other day for hours.  B built a fun sledding ramp off the patio that the boys loved!  And B also can carry L and the sled up the snow covered dirt piles we use as sledding hills (wait, maybe we should be on Buckwild?), which L LOVED.  Oh and Baxter when out with them at first and all of a sudden I look out the window and see B carrying Baxter around and then he calls me to come get Baxter.  If Baxter gets too cold or too tired, he simply STOPS where ever he is.  If his paws are too cold, no big deal, he’ll just stop.  In the snow.  Two feet from the door.  He makes no effort to save himself and get back in the house.

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  • Tayler

    I have been looking forward to Buckwild since I saw the preview! I loved Jersey Shore and this looks like a bigger train wreck so I’m sure I will love this show too!

  • herlinda

    Man I was really hoping for 90% Target Clearance today…I really want that Rachel Ray Bubble & Brown 2 piece set.

  • Jennifer

    Me too! I am hoping it’s really a Christmas clearance item and not a regular clearance item! It’s not market at any of my stores, so I feel like it might be Christmas, but who knows??

  • http://www.lovemyrandomness.blogspot.com/ Jenny

    not sure. I went ahead and bought it but if I can find it cheaper I’m all for it. They have red stickers at my store so does that mean they are regular clearance?

  • Heidi

    ha ha, my second didn’t like bottles either! I think little brothers just want to be like their big brothers :)

  • Jennifer

    Ugh. If it has red clearance stickers it won’t get any cheaper than 70% off ;(.

  • Stephanie Bradshaw

    I cannot wait to see Buckwild tonight!!!! I’m so happy that I’m not the only one looking forward to it!!!! I love shows like that!! I never could get into Jersey Shore or J-Woww and Snooki, but Buckwild is something else!!!

    I still have yet to check out my Target’s clearance, I’m thinking its mighty picked through by now…but who knows, I will go and look tomorrow just in case!

  • http://chicadvisor.blogspot.ca/ Jacquie


  • Niki

    Thanks for all of your helpful clearance photos! My Target went 90% off today and I got the Rachel ray set for 90% off.

  • Jennifer

    Where are you located?

  • Niki

    so cal

  • Alicia

    Sorry lady – your husband is HOT. You are a very lucky lady ;)

  • http://www.indigoandviolet.com Jency Kuriakose

    Thanks for all your posts on Target. My opinion on Target was always Meh! But after I saw some of your posts and how some of the stuff are pretty neat stuff and way WAY cheaper than BRus or BuyBuyBaby, I became a convert.
    Today I went (one of my several trips in the last few weeks) and got the last Tory Burch Lunch Box and Thermos for ~ $15. I also got the Starbucks Coffee Cup couple of days ago. And much more… thank you Jen.

  • http://www.indigoandviolet.com Jency Kuriakose

    Another thought… I saw you said someplace earlier that your receipt has a note to return before Jan 5th. I am thinking maybe your store intends to go to 90% on Jan 6th and do not want their customers turning in items at 70% to repurchase or adjust for 90% off. Possible? *shrug*

  • Jennifer

    I don’t know? Once it gets an orange clearance sticker, it NEVER goes lower than 70% off. Returning by 1/5/13 has always been the rule with the Target + Neiman Marcus line. Even when they *thought* it was going to be popular. LOL.