Pet Monthly Subscription Boxes

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*Pet* Boxes:

~Arrfscarf: $18.50 – $23.50/month. Arrfscarf is a Chicago based gourmet Ice Cream, treat and accessory business for dogs. They now offer a monthly treat subscription service featuring their handcrafted dog treats. You can opt for a single dog subscription ($18.50/month) which includes 1 bag of treats (your choice) + 1 bag of our “special of the month” treat or multiple dog subscription ($23.50/month) which features 2 bags of treats (your choice) + 1 bag of our “special of the month” treat.

~Barkbox: $29/month. Each month you will receive a box in the mail with four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog – anything from bones and treats to shampoos, leashes and innovative new gadgets! (You can read my Barkbox reviews here). 

~The Barkery Box: $29/month. BigLick’s Barkery Box is a monthly subscription box for dogs. Each box is filled with 4-6 items: healthy gourmet dog treats (at least one bag), a Premium Gourmet Dog Pastry, a natural dog care product, and a dog toy conveniently delivered to your door.

~Be Pawsitive: $24/month.  Be Pawsitive is monthly box of  healthy and delicious oven baked dog biscuits. Treats are all natural, USDA certified organic, and made with love. Each treat box you receive provides treats for dogs in animal shelters and rescue organizations across the country.

~BestFriendsBox: $30/month. Receive a new package of 3-6 hand picked products such as natural treats, adorable toys and grooming products that you and your furry friend (dog or cat) are sure to love every month.  BestFriendsBox has discontinued their subscription service.

~Bugsy’s Box: $29/month.  Each Bugsy’s Box includes 5 to 7 items which are a variety of high quality, hand picked, well reviewed dog treats, toys, care items, healthy supplements, accessories and more surprises such as coupons which are often included as a bonus.  (You can read my Bugsy’s Box reviews here).

~Bunny’s Furr and Feathers FunPacks: $25-$30/month. FunPacks contain 4 – 6 high quality, carefully selected goodies, including, but not limited to, toys, treats, specialty items such as skin products, essentials, and of course, food selections.  FunPacks are available for dogs, cats, birds (small, medium, & large), rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs.  (You can read my Bunny’s Furr and Feather FunPacks reviews here).

~Catpax: $26/month.Catpax is a monthly delivery of handpicked treats, toys, and care products for kitties – all from small and independent makers. 10% of their proceeds go to cat rescue groups and they also publish Scratch Post, a daily boost of adorable kitties, occasional nonsense, and useful care tips for your favorite fluffball.

~DoggieBox: $24.99/month. DoggieBox is a monthly subscription box for dogs from Each month you will receive a specially packaged box with items handpicked to delight your dog and allow you to try exciting new products.

~DoggieLawn: $15-$20/delivery (+shipping).  DoggieLawn is a monthly subscription designed to make bathroom trips for you and your dog easier.  It’s real grass delivered right to your doorstep every other week so your dog always has a place to go. (You can read my DoggieLawn reviews here.)

~Dr. D’s Pet Packages: $19 / $29 / $49/month.  Dr. D’s Pet Package is a custom pet package, customized by a veterinarian, containing 3-8 high quality pet products for dogs and cats.  You can opt from the Fun Pet Package (3-4 premium products), Happiness Pet Package (4-5 premium full-sized items) or the Health Pet Package (6-8 premium full-sized products).

~Freddie’s Finds: $34/month. Freddie’s Finds is a monthly adventure of discoverable pooch proportions. Their passion is animals, which culminates in sustaining their health and happiness and they search high and low for products that fall into this category.

~Furball Box: $29/month. Every month, you receive an cat-tastic assortment of 5+ fine feline products – from snacky cat snacks to undeniably addictive toys! Every product is chosen goes through rigorous kitty-testing and is only of the highest quality.

~Furry Friends Club: $24.95/month.  The Furry Friends Club delivers the highest quality products to loving pet owners on a monthly basis through their monthly pet subscription boxes.  Boxes  are available for both cats and dogs.  Deluxe boxes ($24.95/month) contain 3-4 items while Premium boxes ($34.95) contain 5-6 items.  Multiple Pet boxes are also available for $54.95/month and contain 8-10 items. (You can read my Furry Friends Club reviews here).

~Good Day Dog: $15/month.  Each month you will receive a snazzy new dog collar delivered to your door.  (You can read my Good Day Dog reviews here).

~Happy Dog Box:  $29.99/month.  Every month Happy Dog Box will surprise you with the most amazing box of hand-selected, all natural dog treats and toys picked by our experts with love and care. Each box is filled with 4-6 American-made gourmet dog treats, toys and other products conveniently delivered to your door.  (You can read my Happy Dog Box reviews here).  As of June 2014, Happy Dog Box has ended their subscription service.

~Healthy Pet Advisor CustomCare Box: $27.45/month. Each CustomCare Small box contains One seriously good, full-sized grooming aid, supplement or treatment plus food samples, snacks and toys and is designed for cats and small canines. You may also opt for the CustomCare Large box ($49.45/month) which contains two seriously good, full-sized grooming aids, supplements or treatments plus food samples, snacks and toys and is designed for large canines.

~HeroDogBox: $29/month.  HeroDogBox is a subscription based DogBox company that sends out a monthly box of goodies for your “hero dog”.  They strive to provide items that are from local companies with an emphasize on health.  (You can read my HeroDogBox reviews here). HeroDogBox is now part of PetBox. 

~A Horse Box: $22/month. A Horse Box is an exclusive monthly subscription service that delivers high quality equestrian products to your door. Each month you will receive 3-5 handpicked items ranging from the best grooming products to gourmet treats & more.

~Kasten Pets: $37/month.  Kasten Pets is a monthly box subscription for consumers who want to pamper their dogs while maintaining a budget in today’s economy. Each month they will send a box packed with 5-7  pet/doggy products including healthy treats, safe entertaining toys, and unique accessories.

~KitNipBox: $9/$19/$29/month.  KitNipBox is a cat’s best friend! Each month, their team scours the world for the most amazing cat toys, treats, accessories, and other goodies. Examples of products which could be includes are fun cat toys, delicious treats, must-have accessories, health and hygiene products, innovative new gadgets, and awesome surprises!

~meowbox(.com): $32.95/month. meowbox is a monthly cat subscription box filled with fun unique toys and healthy goodies. Each meowbox will come with 5 or more goodies that can include such things as treats, grooming products, food, wearables, toys, and supplements.

~Meow Box(.net): $20/month. MeowBox is a monthly subscription box for cats and cat owners delivering handpicked cat toys, treats, gadgets, accessories and more to your doorstep. Every box your cat receives will be a $35-$50-value combination of tasty treats, tantalizing toys, grooming aids and innovative gadgets designed to make your cat’s life happier.

~Packs for Paws:  $35.99/month.  Packs For Paws is a monthly delivery service designed for your family members with paws.  You will receive a pack especially designed for your four legged friend delivered directly to your front door each month.  Each Paw Pack includes 4 to 8 premium products that have been hand picked, tested and approved by their staff.  A smaller, “Mini Paw Pack Club” is also available.  (You can read my Packs for Paws reviews here).

~Pawalla: $26/month. Each month you’ll receive new selection of delicious wet foods, treats, supplements, and more, hand-picked by our pet nutritionist based on the size and age of your pet. Subscriptions are offered for cats and dogs.  Pawalla has recently launched a mini box for $12/month that features 1 treat, 1 toy and 1 surprise item. (You can read my Pawalla reviews here).  As of August 2013, Pawalla has ended their subscription service.

~PawBox: $10/month.  Every month PawBox delivers a mix of five exciting products samples packed in a luxurious box for your pet (dog or cat) to enjoy.  PawBox has been hacked.

~PetBox: $29/month. PetBox contains items that are hand selected by their pet experts based on the size of your pet (available for dogs or cats). Each month your PetBox will have five to six new premium, full-sized items with a minimum retail value of over $60.  You can select your items or let PetBox select for you!  (You can read my PetBox reviews here).

~Pet Gift Box: $17.99/month. Pet Gift Box is a monthly subscription box for your four legged friends – dogs or cats. Each monthly box contains a combination of 4-6 treats, toys, and other great products that have been hand picked for your pet based on their size and weight.

~PoochPax: $29/month. PoochPax is a monthly subscription box for dogs which is customized by your dog’s age and size (small, medium and large). Each month you’ll receive 4-6 unique, hand-selected treats and toys you’ll both enjoy. (You can read my PoochPax reviews here).

~Poop Bag Club: $10-$15/month. Poop Bag Club is a monthly delivery service of eco-friendly dog poop bags (sometimes called dog waste pickup bags). Plans are based on the type of bag (eco-friendly or compostable) and the number of bags you receive each month (60, 90 or 120). Custom plans are also available.

~Poop Buddy: $10/month.  PoopBuddy is a monthly service to make it easy for dog parents to pick up poop, prevent water pollution and look chic at the same time.  You will receive at least 80 bags per month on eco chic rolls, fun tips and extra surprises each month.  As of March 2014, PoopBuddy is discontinuing their subscription service.

~Posh Pet Box: $29 / $39 / $49/month. Posh Pet Box is a monthly subscription box for dogs that offers premium clothes, accessories, and products to the most astute of pet parents. Posh Pet offers three different sizes boxes – Plain Posh: $29/month, Picky Posh: $39/month and Posh Boss: $49/month. You are able to customize your box by selecting exactly what you want to receive in it (you are allotted points based on the size of the box you select) or you can opt to have Posh Pet Box curate a box for you. (You can read my Posh Pet Box reviews here).

~PupBox: $34/month. PupBox is a monthly service for you and your new puppy (adult bogs are welcome too). Each box will include 4-6 premium products such as training treats, toys, bones, grooming products, nutritional supplements and accessories. All products are selected based on the age and physical characteristics of your puppy and also include educational materials to walk you through the developmental changes going on with your puppy.  (You can read my PupBox reviews here).

~PupCrate: $29/month.  Each month your unique PupCrate arrives at your door with specific age, breed, and size products. Products include engaging and durable toys, as well as rewarding delicious healthy treats and other goodies.  As of September 2013, it appears that PupCrate has gone out of business.

~PupQuarterly: $29.99/month. PupQuarterly offers monthly themed subscription boxes for dogs. Box categories include “The Genius”, “The Mush” and “The Runner” and contents of the boxes are revealed prior to shipment. If you don’t love what is include, you are welcome to switch themes or you may skip that month completely.

~Purr-Packs: $24.99-$39.99/month. Purr-Packs feature a delightful selection of products for your cat. Each container is chock-a-block full of fun toys, grooming supplies, fashion items and delicious treats. You can opt for the Teaser Pack ($24.99/month) which contains 5-7 items, the Fun & Love Pack ($29.99/month) which contains 7-9 items or the Multi-Cat Mega-Pack ($39.99/month) which contains 9-12+ items.

~Reggie Box: $30/month. Reggie Box is a monthly subscription box for dogs. Each box will include 4-6 unique fun filled treats and toys and Reggie Box promises that you will never receive the same item for the lifetime of your subscription.

~Riley Box: $29/month.  Each month Riley Box will send your pet a box full of fun for your dog or cat.  In the monthly petbox you will find a range of 4-6 special treats, toys, hygiene products, and cool accessories.

~Spoiled Rotten Box: $24.99/month. A monthly gift club for loving pet parents. Every month, your pet (dog or cat) will be sent a box of amazing hand-picked treats, toys and accessories. Every box is stuffed full with $40 worth of products for only $24.99 a month. (You can read my Spoiled Rotten Box reviews here).

~Treat A Dog: $28/month. Treat A Dog is a monthly box of goodies and toys for dogs. Subscribers receive a box once a month which features 4 to 7 hand picked items. Boxes include dog treats, hygiene products, toys, care items, essentials and more!

~Treats & Trends: $34.95/month.  Treats and Trends delivers monthly gifts to pets and their owners!  You can opt for a dog only, cat only or mixed box.  Boxes include  4-7 full size products your pet will love.  Treats & Trends is no longer in business.

~TrueDrool: $35.95/month. TrueDrool boxes, which are geared for dogs 40lbs and up, are filled with “Drool-tested”toys and treats. Each month your dog will receive 4-7 toy/treat items for them to wag, wiggle and drool over.  (You can read my TrueDrool reviews here).

~WhiskerKits: $29/month. WhiskerKits are fun monthly packages delivered for cats and their owners. Each monthly box will contain a variety (typically 5-6 items) of treats, toys, grooming tools, and occasionally products for cat parents as well.

~Woof Crate: $28.99/month. Woof Crate is a monthly subscription box for dogs. Each month they find local-bakeries, hand-pick treats made from quality ingredients and ship them to your house. (You can read my Woof Crate reviews here).

~WoofWagPlay Box: $32/month.  WoofWagPlay Box is a monthly subscription box for your doggy best friend.  Each month you’ll receive a box filled with 5-7 items such as all natural treats, top-quality toys and other goodies.

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