September ipsy (formerly MyGlam) Bag Review 6 comments

September ipsy bag

For some reason, I signed up for MyGlam (they just changed their name to ipsy). Maybe it was back when I was still waiting to be “accepted” on Birchbox? I have no idea. Anyways, with ipsy, you receive 4-5 beauty products in a collectible bag. It’s $10/month and shipping is free.

September was my first ipsy bag and here is what I received (all in a cute little black bag):

~SOHO Smudge Brush: I’ve always wanted to perfect the smokey eye, but never really put much effort into it. Maybe I will now that I have this brush? Probably not, but at least I don’t have any excuses anymore.

SOHO Smudge Brush

~Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer: I cannot wait to try this. My hair (*) (what’s left of it anyways) is a hot mess so anything to make it look better is a winner in my book.  I am super super excited by this.

Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer

~Jane Sparkle Gloss: Lip gloss?  What’s not to like about this?  No matter how many glosses or lip balms I have, it’s not enough.  I have one in every single room in my house.  This one will get thrown in my bag in case I want a little color.

Jane Sparkle Gloss

~Mirabella Eye Colour (Semiformal): Since I rarely wear make-up this won’t get used much.  Who am I kidding about the smokey eye?  LOL.  But on the rare occasion that I do slap some on, I will give this a try.  I am not going to judge the quality of this or anything since I have NO CLUE about that.

Mirabella Eye Colour

~Circus by Andrea’s Choice Nail Color (Tightrope): Love this color!  I kind of wish I had signed up sooner so I would have gotten all the colors (orange and yellow) in the collection as well.  This is more of a summer color, but I plan to wear it soon anyways and pretend I’m at the beach ;).  And seriously, could this packaging be any cuter?

Circus by Andrea’s Choice

While I like ipsy, I don’t need it.  Not in the way I need all my other bags / boxes anyways.  But still I will give it another month or two just to verify that it is totally unnecessary.  Then again, it’s only $10/month, so maybe I do need it.    I mean, the bag and its contents worth were totally worth $10.  Oh, also they have videos on their site that show stylists using the same products you get in your bag.  I will never watch them, but I do like the idea.

Want to subscribe?  Click here and get on their waiting list!  I looked and it took about 3 weeks from when I got on the waiting list until when I got invited to join.  Do you get ipsy?  What do you think?  And what in the world do you do with all the bags you get every month?

(*) I dyed it today so at least I am not balding and grey.

  • Aimee

    Just sighned up like two days ago! Love all the stuff you recieved (expecially the polish) I never got put on a waiting list for this though. Just created an account and away I went!

  • Kelsey

    That stuff looks well worth $10 a month

  • Abby

    When I sign up for this do I have to order the September bag or can I choose any bag I want?

  • Jennifer

    The next bag will be the October bag. I don’t think you can go back and order bags from previous months?

  • Jenny

    I had signed up the other day and just got my invite. For the price I decided to give it a try. Why not add another box to my collection. :)

  • Jennifer

    LOL!!! I know I am going to be so jealous when people start posting their pictures!