90% off Target Summer Clearance 2

So of course, now that it’s 90% off time at Target, I have been too busy to blog and have been shopping instead. I didn’t think there were too many amazing deals this year (unlike last year). But I was able to score a ton of Banzai Water Slides ($0.99), Beach Balls ($0.49) and Sprinklers ($0.49), as well as, beverage dispensers (glass ones were $1.99 and plastic watermelon ones were $0.59).  I also got two Sunbeam Ice Cream Makers ($2.99) and a Mini Teacake Maker ($2.99).  Oh, and a tabletop grill ($1.79).  By far my favorite finds were the Coppertone Water Babies sunscreen for $1.39.  They don’t expire until next fall, so I stocked up.  You can NEVER find good sunscreen that cheap and it’s something we use everyday, so we go through a lot of it.

W and I plan to hit up (at least) one more Target today.  Did you go check things out?  Find anything good?  Remember, the actual clearance section may not even exist or may be full of JUNK.  So make sure to look in the regular aisles for goodies.  I know beach towels (orange tags), Glad products (summer packaging), paper goods (summer packaging), etc. have all been found as well.  Happy hunting!

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