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I decided to link up today with this kind of love for What I’m Loving Wednesday:

I’m Loving…..
That I just happened to stumble upon Bud Light’s Lime-A-Rita at our local “gourmet market” (aka overpriced grocery store that I love). Of course I snatched up a case (go big or go home). The verdict? Delicious. Not as good as a margarita, but way easier. Ever tried to mix up a margarita with two kids hanging on you(*)? Not so easy.

I’m Loving…..
 That Teen Mom (the original season) is back on my tv. I have been needing some Gary Time! And have you heard the rumors about Catelynn and Tyler expecting another baby?? Do you think it’s true? I do believe every thing in magazines like In Touch, so I am sure this is true. Oh and now it’s on Radar Online, so it’s totally true (haha).

I’m Loving…..
 When L “reads” signs and labels to me. This particular one, which is on the lid of a storage box says “Don’t cut boys heads off”. Bahaha!! He suggested that if you want to get in the box, you should lay down and then put the lid on. Like duh!

I’m Loving…..
 Free stuff. When you purchase two packs of Diet Pepsi at Target you get a free pack of straws. Well when I saw the straws I knew I needed to buy the Diet Pepsi. I doubt I will ever even use them, but they look SO FUN! Maybe I can figure out a 4th of July craft project for them? I mean, I will go back and “buy” more if I need to. It’s not like I won’t drink that Diet Pepsi.

I’m Loving…..

Etsy.  If it’s homemade and you can’t get it on Etsy, then you don’t need it.  I ordered this owl hat for W awhile back and it came a few days ago.  I love it.  W hates it.  I can’t get him to smile when he’s wearing it and that cracks me up even more.

I’m Loving…..

That my husband is an awesome Dad.  L was in a pissy mood at a festival a few weeks ago and wanted someone to go on the bounce house slide with him.  So B did.  And he liked it!

And finally, I’m Loving…..

That L loves being a big brother.  He’s so proud.  He shows W to everyone and tells them all about his brother.  Melts my heart!




(*) I kid, I kid.

  • jen

    Cute hat (and baby)! I love etsy too!

  • http://www.confessionsofaredheadedmama.blogspot.com/ Sara

    I’m loving those Pepsi straws. How did I miss that deal at Target?

    I’m also loving that Tuesdays at 10pm will now be called Gary Time in my house. Hilarious!

  • Jennifer

    It’s still going on! I saw it for the first time yesterday!!!

  • http://www.lifeafteridew.com/ Shannon Dew

    Dude the Lime-a-rita is where it’s at! LOVE it! Not to beer-y not to margarita-y. LOVE!

  • http://www.borchardtbirdies.blogspot.com/ Brandi

    LOVE me some Limaritas!!! Stupid 220 calories but they are soooooooooo yummy!!!!