Muffin Tin Meal

I posted the other day about my Pinterest Loves and I decided to make L my version of the muffin tin meal (which I think is such a cute idea for a kids meal – lunch or dinner) for dinner tonight. I used a mini cupcake tin, which was a great size and worked out perfect.  I ended up filling it with the following:
-Hot Dog
-Banana Slices
-Green Yogurt
-Pink Yogurt
-Frozen Peas (not only does he like frozen peas, he likes to eat them frozen)
-M&M’s (guess what he finished first?)

And I am pleased to report that L loved it!!  As soon as he saw it, he got all excited and asked what he was having.  And then he said “how did you bake this”.  So flippin cute!  If you get the approval of a 3 year-old on a meal, you know you have done something right. I see many more Pinterest projects in my future!

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5 Responses to Muffin Tin Meal

  1. Stacey says:

    I really love that idea (and am really confused and overwhelmed by pinterest)! Question…did he actually eat all that?!


    Jennifer Reply:

    Yes, he did! Except for the raisins. The mini cupcake tin is fairly small.


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